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The System Design of 2012


This article is written in the backdrop of system knowledge, the knowledge of fundamental design and Principle of Nature. The system design is built on fundamental facts of nature. It is based on the observation of matter and life and its interaction. A time direction is an important fact on which the system design is built. Science has overlooked the time direction, disorder and destruction by introducing Probability Theory.  The probability theory however does not exclude “0” and “1”. The system vision deduces the time direction to human mind, its conquering motive and corruption.

No body can dispute the fact that mankind’s intervention on nature is changing the face of the earth. All his intelligence and power is being used to conquer and corrupt nature, in other words he has been using it in a negative way. In addition to the immense material power that mankind has gained, one also notes equal increase in human spiritual power. However both these powers at his disposal in the absence of Knowledge of inter relationship and oneness of nature is creating huge negative energy that is being accumulated in the earth’s core as well as its environment. Quantum science has proved to us that somehow human consciousness and intelligence influences all that is happening in the universe. But scientists have failed to find any foundation to understand the influence.

The system design notes that universal system is a dynamic system and is a determined one. It moves in two phases a winding phase to the center and an unwinding phase to the outside. [Pulsating Existence]. Thus it accounts for the scientific knowledge and ancient spiritualistic knowledge. We are now in the unwinding phase right in the boundary, ready for a change in phase. All the negative energy that mankind has accumulated by his conquering motive and corruption are bound to be released at the phase change. The recent disturbances in the earth, sun, our solar system and the galaxies are related with it.

The system design advocates a Living Universe with earth as the heart and sun as the brain. It notes that just as an ECG will describe the state of the heart and danger to the human system, the activities in the sun becomes an indication about what is going to come to earth and the whole. See - Solar Flare and Climate Change. Our scientific knowledge does speak that every system has an associated wave. This wave as it reaches to certain peak is bound to collapse to give way to a new order. The wave seems to have peaked. Scientists have noted alarming change in the solar system. [See the list in– Solar Flare and Climate Changes]. A Russian scientist Alexy N. Dmitriev  has given elaborate proof of  irreversible changes in  earth magnetic core and its environment. [ see article  in Planetophysical change of Earth and Life in the site ] The Mayan Calendar and date, 2012 December 21 seems to be a reality. The dominant west because of its economic concern seems to close its eyes to these alarming trends. What it is failing to understand is that foundation of economy is life and what is at risk is Human life.

From Now to December 2012 – The Initialization of the Universe

The System Design in Brief

The system design is a dynamic design. It concludes that in space every system is a non-equilibrium system. It notes that the fundamental particle and all the systems formed from the fundamental particle has non-equilibrium in space such that the system has a flow and is amenable to external force which in principle acts as a winding or unwinding force. It notes that space in which particle is spread has four dimensions, Three of them relates to three left and right frames in which space can divided and the fourth is related to the winding and unwinding that is to the center and away from the center. See figures below.


The fundamental particle is visualized as a system that has two parts a dominant and a recessive existing in 4:3 ratios that are opposing. One winds from right to left the other winds to left to right. When the winding state reaches a critical state it collapses, which culminates  a quantum flow  from the dominant to recessive and the direction of the flow is reversed and the system goes into a unwinding state only to collapse at the periphery begin a new process of winding.  The system thus exist in two alternating states

The fundamental particle thus exist in two alternating states with two fields around it. How this particle reacts to winding and unwinding is shown in the figure below

In space when we visualize a system formed from pairs of the above particle it results in contraction and expansion. See figure

The process of winding and unwinding also results  in the system existing in two states once winding from right to left and in the next moment it exist winding left to right

It notes that the process of winding  and unwinding goes in four quantum steps, each of which in turn has three minor quantum steps that contributes quality to the system. { This is explored in the site see Quantum World] These quantum steps are related with points in space where left turn right and vice- versa in the winding or unwinding process. See figure below. The system by instinct tries to exist around certain relative equilibrium state [between the first and the third critical state]. When ever the system is pushed to the lower or the outer critical state the system collapses into winding or unwinding depending on the direction of the force. The compression and expansion results in spinning and displacement of the particle system. Eight such expansion and contraction completes one wave. See figure below.

Note - These winding and unwinding paths hass typical orientation in space. It should visualized as a thread wound into a ball.



As long as the external force exists within certain limit the displacement becomes internal to the system [ curvature of the displacement remains maximum].  But if the particle is stressed such that the angle between the dominant and recessive goes beyond certain critical limit, the curvature of the displacement becomes minimum. Such a system the site notes give rise to light particle which spontaneously moves in relation to its pair See fig below. A pair of system should exist in space since forces are created in pairs.  [Extending this vision in to space the site notes that forces are created in 4 pairs 3 of them are intermediate for more details explore the site.]


The site notes that before the critical state is reached the system goes into an uncertain state at which its survival instinct comes into being. Here system forms pairs and bonds with other systems such that it can withstand the external forces pushing it to critical non equilibrium state. It notes that all the complex forms we witness in nature come out of this process.

The system design tells us that all system and the whole nature instinctively attempt to seek equilibrium and oppose non-equilibrium and this results in pairing bonding and complex systems. It notes that nature is so constituted that all pairing process extends the flow and time in other words brings more stability but does not give it an equilibrium state. Equilibrium is a dead state and no system can ever attain it. In other words the ratio 4:3 is maintained such that the system will have a flow within the system and is amenable for interaction. Every time a particle forms a pair, the number of field is doubled, the time taken for flow is also doubled. In other words it increases the stability of the system.  This is understood from he following figure

The system design notes, the above particle and its pairing process in space can account for all the systems of the periodic table. A pair of then forms hydrogen atom two pair form the helium atom and so on. It notes that the inert elements of the periodic table have some symmetry in space. This symmetry is related to the distribution of matter in space, which gives it stability in relation to the left and right of the system in space. It notes that the Helium atom consisting of pair and complementary pair has one level of symmetry and two level of freedom. Neon atom with pair complementary pair and a complementary system has two level of symmetry and one level of freedom. The Argon atom three level of symmetry and has no freedom in space. See figure


Freedom here represents the path available for the system to react against the external force acting on it. In the above figure a helium atom is spread on ABCD.  [An important point to note here is that AB has 4:3 ratio  CD has 4:3 ratio and AB and CD has 4:3 ratio, similarly ABCD and EFGH has 4:3. Such relationship makes the system capable of winding unwinding and thus react to nature].  A helium atom can accept a directed mechanical force and relieve the stress [left or right winding force] by simple switching of the position between pair and complimentary pair position. When heat induced force [or time directed force] is given, it transform into complementary plane. This means a helium atom is in instinctively and best communicated to the world. A Neon based system is spread on ABCDEFGH. It has left or right winding orientation. It can wind and unwind to a certain limit but cannot flip to the opposite complementary planes under directed mechanical stress as in the case of helium atom. We must note that neon system has central shell of helium atom. It is linked up with this central core. All stress is transmitted to the central core and the core transmits the force and helps relieve the stress. The aspect of motion in the animal world is related to this central core. When heat induced stress or direction of time acts to certain critical limit,  it can survive by flipping of the internal core and releasing the stress on to the complementary plane.  In other words the system can smoothly change the direction of the flow in the system in relation to end time. This means it too is in communication with the world instinctively through the center.

All these systems [helium, neon, and argon], when stressed to the near critical limits can develop information system. The site notes that these three inert atomic systems are precursors of life - plant, animal and human and its information system. Among the three the most insensitive and least communicated is the human system. This basic differentiation will go long way to explain human nature.

Since this aspect is critical understanding the system design Let me put it little more elaborately. The following figure show how  Helium, Neon and Argon system differs in space in respect to external force, both directed mechanical and non directed temperature induced winding and unwinding.

The above figure represents very closely to what happens to a system when the external force is applied. We must note a system can be left or light winding or unwinding and the force too can be left or right winding or winding. We also must note that all living and non living system as we know from nature is a pulsating system that unwinds and winds in daily, monthly yearly and 12 yearly and such bigger cycles. These cycles it self does fluctuate between certain limits

In such fluctuating environment with uncertainty, it becomes clear that a helium atom and all systems developed from it could with stand both mechanical stress and temperature induced stress spontaneously. Against a time direction in nature that tends to limit to the center or periphery the system can survive spontaneously by flipping into the complementary plane. 

All system that develop from it can remain sedentary because of this two fold freedom. Thus the site concludes that they form the particle that give rise to all plant and sedentary living systems. One must note this survival ability at the critical state is in addition to the systems  capacity to survive through information building at the uncertainty state before the critical state.

In contrast to helium system, Neon based system cannot respond spontaneously transferring the external force. This is so since the flow in the external core opposes both mechanical force and temperature induced force acting on it. See figure. This means a stress is developed in the system in response to the directed time in the environmental system. The stress is transferred to central core, which moves in the opposite direction in the complementary plane to the winding force acting on it, thus balancing the system. In other words the system develops a clock in the system in addition to the information system it develops in the uncertainty zone. The site thus notes that Neon system goes to form the Animal kingdom that are characterized by  mobility and dependence on external input of energy from primary systems [the plants] to balance the stress acting on it. 

The mobility and sense perception of these systems comes from this movement of the internal core. The inability to release the stress is over come by elaborate information systems.  Thus against time and uncertainty it develops complex structures to withstand stress. An important point to note is that this system has a link with the internal core and external environment and thus perceives time bound changes happening in the external environment records in its internal core and thus adapts to these changes. This system against the time direction in the universal system leading to the end of time is also safe because it can flip into the complementary plane thus changing the direction of the flow and survive.

However an Argon based system which is symmetrical in space, lacks freedom in space. By its configuration it opposes the external mechanical winding or unwinding force and also the temperature induced spatial winding and unwinding without the direct participation of the internal core. 

The Argon atom we must note has outer system of 32 fields, 16 of which are right winding and other 16 are left winding does not have any freedom and totally depends on the information development. In the argon system the outer world has no direct and immediate communication with the inner world.  For example when left winding stress is put on the system the right winding outer core opposes it and at the critical limit it develops information to survive and vice-versa.  This means humanity is incapable of relieving the stress of directed time and evolves against the time direction by developing information. It also means as the end of time peaks the  information also should peak and take its Absolute Form  and this is the only means by which humanity can survive.

There are two time direction one from the periphery to the center the other from the center to the periphery.

As the time stress develops to the maximum and gets directed to the center then in the inner core [ helium system] the dominant is forced to go recessive and recessive turns dominant and thus  the force directed to the center is released back to the system as a unwinding state. When this unwinding takes the system to the periphery the systems left and right flips and a new winding direction is set to the center. This means a flipping  of pole occurs.  [ As we saw in quantum particle earlier]. It leads to pulsating existence

The most important conclusion of the system design is that all the systems are interrelated. The universe stands on two principle forces - gravity and anti-gravity.  Gravity comes from matter and anti- gravity comes from life that is enclosed in it. It notes that gravity has its base in fundamental non-equilibrium or asymmetry in its left and right frame, which acts as centripetal force. The life and its process come from a form of symmetry between its left and right frame and thus produces anti- gravity. Here it notes that human systems [argon based systems plays an important role]. These systems structural configuration separates it from the external environment and its own internal core. Thus it becomes incapable of perceiving universal time and changes in it.  It solely depends on information development to survive the stress force acting on it. It wrongly perceives danger as coming from the outside world and thus sets out to conquer and corrupt nature thus stressing the inner core. In one phase [unwinding] it stresses the intelligence to reveal and in the next phase [winding] it stresses the consciousness to reveal.  Thus it goes in cycles with change in direction of time from periphery to center and from center to periphery. The site notes time direction to the center is conception and time direction away from the center is initialization. [ the delivery of the product]

The great conclusion the system design makes is that the whole universal system is designed like a human system. It fundamentally has design of the Argon system. The inner core that comprises of two light particle, lies separated from the outer, but comes to act shifting its direction and thus changing the twist of the system when it is stressed to the critical state See intelligent Design 

All other systems exist separated in space and time to the left and right of this central core which constitute the consciousness and intelligence or the soul. The dominant part of the system is understood as intelligence and the recessive part as the consciousness. When the whole system takes unilateral direction to the center, this Central Particle is stressed. The dominant now goes into recessive state taking in all the forces acting on it then releases into a new plane causing an expansion and when all the forces of the universe gets directed to the periphery, then the energy flows into consciousness and it gets dominant and the intelligence goes recessive. Thus the system exists in pulsating manner expanding and contracting to certain limit. See figure.


The instinct of the Central Particle always wishes that the system remain pulsating between some limit around the middle or equilibrium point See figure below. But by design humans fails to perceive this command and thus set out to conquer and corrupt nature. No wonder God Forbid humans from eating from the tree at the Center and had to return to make self-sacrifice to recreate the whole and initialize it.


 A complete understanding of the whole system can only come from the understanding of the Central Particle that receives the stress force or force of time  and changes the phase or the direction of time and thus perpetually controls the universe. The site concludes that we are in a quantum world built around the Central Particle. This quantum world has an associated wave. This wave has a two maximum one to the center and the other to the periphery. We are now already at the maximum and into a phase change at the periphery. 

The site thus brings out not only the material nature but also the spiritual nature of the Universe. The fundamental design and principle is well explored in depth in the site, keeping in mind all the conceptual developments in science and religion. 

Readers are welcome to interact – interaction and communication probably is the best by which I can bring you from the complexity to simplicity of life and matter.

Where the world stands now where is it


We probably are in the last wave before the system gives way to a new order accompanied by change in the direction of time. The arrow is already released from the string and there is no way to stop it than shielding and cushioning its impact. We humans should become co creators fighting the devil of conquering motive and corruption that led to the fall. The following figure explains the wave associated with the quantum world

The figure shows only two waves one dominant the other recessive tending in two different directions. In the spatial reality and the dynamic nature it has 16 waves each related to the other by a 4:3 relationship. The wave when it exists around equilibrium point, it is in stable state. When it tends to outer or the inner limit the system collapses. The system design notes that time direction and the systems journey to critical limit comes from man’s conquering motive and corruption. This in turn is related to his ignorance about the interrelationship and oneness. Under the force of time the system tends to higher and higher non-equilibrium state. See figure below

As the dominant touches the critical state of the outer limit, the recessive touches the critical lower limit. The energy now begins to flow from the dominant to the recessive such that the recessive turns dominant and the dominant turns recessive resulting in phase change and the direction of flow of time. [The observation of well known Russian Dr. Alexy N. Dimitirev of flows energy getting directed to our solar system and the irreversible changes he noted in the solar system in a way supports the system design – See article “Planetophysical state of the Earth and Life” I the Millennium Group  also see Divine Cosmos by David Wilcock]

What is important about the whole thing is that during this process all the negative energy accumulated in the earth’s core [in different nodes] and also in its environment by our action on nature gets released. In fact as the system tend to the limit the disorder increases to the maximum, before the inevitable occurs.  Since the whole universe is designed essentially in a human living form there will be a simultaneous stress on human genome its consciousness and intelligence to make a shift.  In fact the cause for the disorder and destruction exist in humanity and his ignorance and the escape from disorder and destruction can only occur when the ignorance of humanity is wiped and he evolves in to higher order of truth in line with the universal flow.  The figure below shows how negative action lead disorder and what the positive means.

One quantum wave cycle is described in the figure – 12 below. The quantum wave of the whole has an origin and it collapses back to it, when it touches third critical point. The journey to the critical point is a spiral process accompanied by expansion. The collapse too is a spiral process. The whole cycle is completed when two cycle one from left to right and another from right to left takes place. See figure 13

If we take into consideration Mayan Knowledge and its Calendar, if we observe nature and the happenings around, if we take into stock changes in solar system and what the scientist have begun take note [see Solar flare and Climate change], everything points to the fact that we are probably in the last wave of the quantum world before a phase change occurs. The years are distributed on the wave see figure –16.


The years ahead would be truly critical one; the earth and whole universe would struggle to dispel the negative energy accumulated within in it as an effect of reckless intervention of humanity on the cycle of nature. [How the negative energy gets locked up is explored in the site see - natural catastrophes]. Most important and very crucial to this is the stress on the Human genetic system and the consciousness of humanity to evolve into Higher State of Realization. Only this realization can facilitate smooth transformation and survival of the world and return of peace and order.

From the year 2001 world has been witnessing tremendous change at all levels accompanied by great catastrophes stressing humanity to make an urgent evaluation of the direction in which it is progressing. The great Nov 2003 solar flare caught my attention because of its sheer magnitude. My instinctive feeling from the point of system design and the knowledge of inter relation between earth and sun led me to predict a great earthquake striking earth in time. This prediction was made from the understanding that great solar flare is an unwinding act, which would be transmitted to earth as winding force.  Since the whole system is already near critical state, this disturbance would be enough to push many systems that are near non-equilibrium state into its critical state. This meant different layers at the core of earth and different layers in the outer environment will take different force from nature leading to a possible earthquake and drastic climatic changes.  In 2004 the world witnessed Asian Tsunami, the greatest disaster Humanity has ever seen. One might ask why it should take one year to transfer the force. The answer lies in the quantum wave transfer. See fig – 12. The wave is transferred in cyclic manner in time.  Most of the catastrophes occur near or at critical points.

One must note that our system is dynamic and it works to relieve the stress being accumulated. The dominant wave is resisted by the recessive going in the opposite direction. Now that we have entered the irreversible period there is no other go for humanity except to understand Nature and Transform.

My prediction of great  earthquake for 2004 was more casual. However when I witnessed the Asian Tsunami, my mind began to analyze and visualize future. The report of solar activity of solar physicist David Hathaway of NASA caught my attention. He noted that in January 28th and once again in October 11th and 12th 2004 sun was absolutely without any sunspots. Dr. David Hathaway tells us that even in the lowest ebb of solar activity there would be one or two sunspots and thus it appeared an aberrant behavior. From the wave point of view I visualized it as the opposite of 2003 Solar flare– The sun has undergone a great winding period. This assumption is based on the fact that whenever there exist a big upward peak in wave then immediately following it the wave will have a down ward peak. From the system point of view this automatically led me to visualize some form of great unwinding force acting on earth in time, probably resulting in great Volcanoes or related catastrophes in nature. This is bound to happen probably in the second  half of 2005!!! You don’t need any great knowledge systems to visualize it. Simple common sense tells us that if earth has seen such great movement in the earth crust, then it would cause stress changes in the internal fluid as well as the atmosphere and this stress is bound to get released in time. Some aspects noted from my recent studies conducted on the net further strengthen this prediction.  

[Note - 2005 we witnessed the worst hurricanees and the most unpredictable seasonal abberations, though Volcanoes did not burst]

1] A interesting phenomenon occurred between 1640 to 1720 [Maunder Minimum]. The sun showed absolutely no sunspots during this period. The earth then experienced severe cold climate. Then suddenly the sunspot activity got activated. Since then both sun spot activity and the temperature on earth has been steadily rising and is tending towards peak that appears to endanger the existence of life.  The system design tells that universal system is living one with an instinct to survive. If we consider that universal instinct came into life to save the situation at the Maunder minimum. Then the same instinct also should come  to save the world when it tends to another peak, this time a temperature rise. Our scientific understanding points that drop in temperature of the earth have occurred when volcanic eruption has taken place. This means we can expect a series of volcanic eruptions erupting from the earth in order to shield life on earth.  The west would possibly take the burn. The recent series of earth quake [release of winding stress] in the Indian Ocean could be an indication of an unwinding release of stress to follow.


2] Putting the years 2001 to 2012 on the wave  [see fig below] clearly shows 2004 and 2005 as critical. The expanding wave should break to give way to the recessive that accompanies the dominant. We must understand that system design is based on the existence of recessive wave that accompanies the dominant and moves in the opposite direction.


I am tempted to relate the great breaking of the plates of earth in Indian Ocean that led to Asian Tsunami to transition or change in direction of time.  This means a new wave has taken birth that is moving in opposite direction to the previous time direction. Huge transformation stresses and associated catastrophes in the earth core and its environment could be expected in 2005 and 2006 and then the system will ease in to new order. It will complete it self by 2012 December

The system design note that universal system is controlled by a central system whose transformation creates the transformation wave in the whole causing change in the direction. 

It is important to note here Jenkins interpretation of Mayan Knowledge and end of time.  The turn around has already occurred in 1998 what we are going to witness in Dec 2012 is only subjective. From the system point view it appears true for, the change is effected by the Central Particle and this wave should get transmitted to the whole to bring out a phase change. 

Already we have reports of increased volcanic activity and the picture presented looks gloomy [see article Solar flare and its relationship with climate change. Some great destruction is a necessity to break ego of humanity and bring him to his senses and initialize him into nature. The west is the primary cause for disorder and destruction of the world because of their conquering mentality and the east has contributed to it by way of its corrupting mentality. The globalization has let lose  the two negative aspect bringing greater disorder. Today mankind is lost in the power of the matter and he feels wrongly that he can dictate his destiny. The miserable state of our knowledge system reveals it self from the fact that we do not Know the basic interrelationship and oneness of nature.

I am not expecting scientist, power centers or the general public, who have sacrificed their senses in return for material gadgets take this warning seriously even though it is supported by nearly two decades of fundamental research and a new foundation to science that explains the reality of nature. But I am confident a time will come when mankind cries for the truth to come out of the agony in which he is caught and in such time the knowledge of system design will catch the attention of the world and will come to help to facilitate the birth of new world and take care of it.  The smooth transformation or the delivery could only occur with Humanity realizing the truth, the interrelationship and oneness of nature and yielding to it.

I have done my best against odds to put the truth what nature revealed to me so that both humans lost in material pursuit and human lost in spiritual world could turn in to right action and become co-creators to sustain the world.

I am not expecting scientist, power centers or the general public, who have sacrificed their senses in return for material gadgets take this warning seriously even though it is supported by nearly two decades of fundamental research and a new foundation to science that explains the reality of nature.

How Jesus and Vedas fit into picture?

The picture of nature that emerges from the system design is a universal system that is pulsating like a human system. It is centered on a Central Particle that is unique and exists in 4:3 ratio. In other words they exist as one in space and time. All other systems exist to the left and right of this Central Particle and thus are separated by time and space. When the time direction is from the periphery to the center it stresses the central system. See figure below

The instinct of the system calls upon the system to exists around the equilibrium point in the middle. No wonder Lord forbid humanity from eating from the tree at the center of Eden. However by design the individuated system [human systems] by his conquering motive and corruption takes the whole system to the critical limit or death. Death to the whole is meaningless. This means at death the secret of birth should exist. It is here that spiritual reality of nature revealed to me and Calvary emerged as the birth point of the universe. It is Big bang origin of the universe that linear scientist are tying to plot. It is also the initial perturbation that non-linear scientist trying to workout. It is a truth that is very much written in Vedas – “ The creation occurs through the Self Sacrifice of the Creator  

At Calvary the dominant went recessive to the recessive releasing the Spirit or the Holy Ghost to the womb of the feminine. The site notes this as the conception of the new world out of the old so that the world can be initialized.  Site notes the time from Calvary to the present is a process of growth of what was conceived in the Calvary.  This is the expansion phase of the Universal Breath. At the end of it the breath goes in to inhaling phase.  This phase transition is in progress in every aspect of nature. Dr. Dmitriev well-known scientist has given clear evidence of the fact that our earth, solar system and the whole galaxy is undergoing transformation process.  [See article – Planetophysical state of Earth and Life in the site also see Divine Cosmos by Dr. David Wilcock]. The transformation process completes it self when humanity understands the truth and his consciousness and intelligence transforms through the Universal Consciousness and Universal Intelligence. Unless this happens the pains of issuing forth will continue.

2005 to 2012 would be critical for humanity and the whole world. The wave front of the quantum world has hit the boundary and changed the direction. A new time direction probably is all ready set. This new wave takes front on collision with old wave. It means a highly disordered catastrophic period is in front of us. Huge transformation stresses and associated catastrophes in the earth core and its environment could be expected in 2005 and 2006 and then the system will ease in to new order. Transformation will be complete it self by 2012 December.  The only hope now exists in the spiritual side of life, which tells me that out of this disorder new order will emerge. The truth of nature will reveal and everyone would be forced to yield to it and the order will return to the world to make a new journey.  When truth is revealed every individual will get initialized to become co-creators working to sustain life by fighting conquering motive and corruption, upholding true Justice and Law

The Parallels between the System Design and Mayan Knowledge System

My recent intensive efforts on the net to find researchers with similar attitude as mine, led me to Mayan Calendar. I must admit I am still to ponder my mind to the depths of Mayan Philosophy. Being a biologist, quite weak in mathematics I may not even understand it in depth. Yet instinctively their calendar got fit into my vision. It gave a time frame to system design. 

I present you here some of the conclusions of Mayan Knowledge as taken from a site, and many more and its comparison with system knowledge. The paragraphs written in green is system interpretation

1. Humanity and Planet Earth are currently going through a huge change or shift in consciousness and reality perception. Most researchers of Mayan Calendar seem to associate the beginning of it with Venus Transit of June 8, 2004 – A Breakthrough of Intuitive Awareness and end with 21 December when another unique Venus transit occurs.

System design after elaborate study of the fundamental design and principle guiding nature comes to the same conclusion. It discovers the Universal Consciousness and Universal intelligence and its interaction with individuated consciousness and its intelligence. It notes that individuated consciousness and individuated intelligence by its ignorance forces universal intelligence to recreate and deliver and thus perpetuate the whole system.  It tells us that the absolute knowledge will be revealed to mankind such that it gets initialized into the Kingdom of God as Christian philosophy believes or the whole gets initialized into Dharma Yuga as Vedic Philosophy tells us

2. The Mayan Calendar Predicts a great change in humanity. We will enter the 4th Dimension then quickly ascend to the 5th dimension. This time is called the "Apocalypse" or revealing. This means the real truth will be revealed. It is also the time for us to work through "our stuff" individually and collectively. Many seem to relate it to earths pole shift and thus change in the magnetic properties of earth. They are supported by the increased frequency hum of the earth. See.,1413,36%7E11676%7E1825410,00.html. Evidence even shows us that Earths Poles have flipped in the past. The last great pole flips occurred intimately 780,000 years ago. This is also a known Fact and BBC News offers a backup One site [ Unexplainable .net], has related it to brain functioning. It says that Change in frequency affect the brains reception guidelines. In other words, if you use a frequency brain stimulation machine doctors can enhance, change, and alter a persons senses. If two frequencies are transmitted with a small gap between them, like 400Hz and 410Hz the brain will even out the difference naturally make the brain produce a 3rd tone. This 3rd tone made by your brain is a pure Sine wave. The sine wave will be a 10 Hz tone. Experimenting through the whole range of alpha and theta waves (from 5 - 12 Hz) it was found that a combination of frequencies consistently caused a complete shift in consciousness. So when the Earths Frequencies finish their change, our senses and brain thought pattern will be seriously deformed. Our electrical body pulses that control every move in our body, will adjust itself to the Earth.

System design notes when the system is pushed to the third critical state then it goes into a phase change. The phase change starts in the fourth stage and as it enters the fifth stage it would have changed phase but still remains in an uncertain phase. However when it touches the sixth point it would have entered stable new phase see fig. System design understands the whole universe as a living one designed to survive. It notes that it develops a new world or new poles out of the old as time ends.


4. The Mayan sixth world is actually blank. This means it is up to us, as co-creators, to start creating the new world and civilization we want now.

System design thinks that there will be great catastrophes in the fourth and fifth stage, which makes mankind to stop and think. His ego based on material and partial knowledge, that has made him think that he can determine his destiny will be defeated. He will find himself as a newborn child helplessly crying for help. It is then he will realize, the Universal Consciousness and Universal Intelligence and the spiritual truth of nature. As one realizes the truth each one becomes initialized into the Kingdom of God or gets created anew and become responsible to sustain the creation. Every man will fight conquering motive and corruption and thus fights death.

5. The Mayans also say that by 2012-
- we will have gone beyond technology, as we know it.
- We will have gone beyond time and monney.
- We will have entered the fifth dimenssion after passing through the fourth dimension
- Planet Earth and the Solar System willl come into galactic synchronization with the rest of the Universe.
- Our DNA will be "upgraded" ((or reprogrammed) from the center of our galaxy. (Hunab Ku)
"Everybody on this planet is mutating. Some are more conscious of it than others. But everyone is doing it" - Extraterrestrial Earth Mission.

System design tells us that the old tree collapses and new tree emerges. New nature compatible technologies will  replace the present one built on partial knowledge. The blue prints of many new technologies are on the board and will be released on the net. The transformation is already is in progress. It is well recorded by many scientist and reputed organization. The work Dr. Dmitriev a highly respected Russian scientist has specifically called the attention of the world into it [See article Solar flare and it relation to earth and Comparison between the work do Dr. Kozyreve, Dr.Dmitriev, Dr. Wilcock and System Design]

System design concludes that as humanity discovers the system design he would enter the spiritual world decisively. His consciousness will awaken to understand the truth and yield to it. This will also speak on the mind of humanity and his genome and the mankind on the whole would enter a new realm.

6. In 2012 the plane of our Solar System will line up exactly with the plane of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. This cycle has taken 26,000 years to complete. Virgil Armstrong also says that two other galaxies will line up with ours at the same time. A cosmic event!


System design is built on a fundamental ratio 4:3 [non-equilibrium] both in the fundamental particle and all the system it forms. This ratio fluctuates between two states 4:3 and 3:4 with one quantum energy always in motion. The systems are formed by pairing of the fundamental particle in space.  Under an external force winding or unwinding taking it to the limit causes a flipping  and changes the direction of time. This is explained in the figure  


The relationship between earth and the sun the origin and end time that  the site speak is shown in the following figure.



From the system point of view the earth is the off centered center of the universe or the heart of the universe and the sun becomes the mind of the universe. As the system unwinds to the danger limit, all the instinctive force gets directed to the center and the transformation to opposite should occur through the center. When the whole aligns to one line this flow and transformation of the whole or the initialization of time should occur. It is here that I got interested in 21 December 2012 planetary configuration spoken so much in Mayan Calendar as the end of time. In that moment everything seems to come into one axis. See figure.



Flow and change in direction of time

Winding - Centripetal





A alignment and flow resulting in transition and Change in the direction of the Time flow

The great conclusion of the system design is that Universal Consciousness and Universal Intelligence control the whole system. The time and death to the whole universe comes from individuated consciousness and intelligence that exist in ignorance. In other words, the whole system tends to the limit to the center and periphery by human conquering motive and corruption.  The instinct of the system wishes that the whole remain around the equilibrium point [see fig below – dotted circle] but by design the individuated system tends to the limits to the center and periphery [death points]. At this point the Universal Consciousness and Universal Intelligence is forced to recreate and initialize the system. At the center the Universal intelligence goes recessive to the Universal Consciousness such that renewal process can go on. As the universal system is pushed to the outer limit the Universal Intelligence takes control to initialize time

7] One site [] tells us “ consciousness has been down the same road seven times before over the past 16 billion years ----”

This seems interesting. This is so since the system design notes that the whole completes one cycle through 8 steps. Vedas speak of much larger cycle than 2600 and 5200 cycle than Mayan calendars tell us. One needs to study it further before comment on it.

8. Every site that deals with Mayan calendar speaks that, the Apocalypse or the time "between worlds" is a time of stress and catastrophes that forces changes in both physical and psychological/spiritual levels of a individual, community, national and the whole

The system design notes that all systems except human system is interrelated and instinctively communicated to the whole. Humanity that is lost in “self” fails to perceive its link to the Father [Universal Intelligence] and Mother [Universal Consciousness] and thus moves away from life. It understands humanity as the driving force  that takes the whole to death. Death to the whole is meaning less and thus it discovers the secret of perpetuation of the Universe in death it self. It notes that all systems are stable when the system exist around the equilibrium point but when the system goes beyond the limit, it goes into uncertain state and enters a disordered state and out of this disorder new order emerges by the participation of Universal Consciousness and Universal Intelligence that guides the whole system.

9] Most of the site studying Mayan calendar speaks of 2012 as a time of shift in paradigm. It is understood that male dominant, warrior hero, fear and separation paradigm will give way to love based, artist hero paradigm of natural time. One site even relates June 8th 2004 Venus transit as time release of Spirit of Christ The Venus Transit and The Return of the Energy of Christ and of Quetzalcoatl, as time when Kalki Avatar or Period of Light begins after a period of darkness, as an entry to Dharma Yuga and so on. Mayan philosophy understands Dec 21st 2012 as time when
"Cosmic Mother Gives Birth to The First God."

The system design in fact discovers Christ as the Universal Mother and Universal Father. Calvary and Second Coming as an expression of Love of Father and Mother. At Calvary the God exposed His feminine part to conceive, recreate and save the world from gravitational collapse. At Second Coming He is expected to deliver the truth or open His mind such that Kingdom can be initialized before His people takes it to another death point, anti-gravitational collapse. It is apparent that we live in a quantum world that has an associated wave. By our reckless exploitation of nature with out knowing the fundamental relationship and oneness of nature, we have been increasing the wave to a critical limit at which it collapses.

10] In short most sites visualizes Mayan calendar as a Cosmic Plan or Divine Plan. It is understood as a knowledge that describes the evolution of consciousness and 21 December 2012 as the gateway to the world of Consciousness.

The system design was built from the premises observation life specially human and his intervention on nature. It notes that in the first place mankind's intelligence works from the base fear, negativity and is separated from his consciousness. Thus humanity, fuelled by science, is caught in the grip of a vortex of material thinking, which by it self stands on broken foundation. 

System design tells us that motion of matter is determined by life. This is in contrast to science which understands life as inferior to matter. The need to set the foundation correct led me to exercise of isolation of the fundamental principle and design of nature and to the construction of the system which eventually led me to the discovery of the Importance of Calvary and Second Coming, well line with Vedic, Mayan, Biblical and other ancient philosophies built on sense experiences.


We must note that system design is based vision of contraction and expansion or pulsation of the system. The universal system here is understood as a pulsating system. We are now in an expanding state of the universal system, which would any time should give way to contracting phase. It notes the whole process is guided by a ratio and the angle of interaction of forces. The system begins to collapse and change the direction of the flow when the angle of interaction of forces goes beyond certain limits under the influence of time. Time here simply becomes the measure of non-equilibrium of the system. See figure below.

When the above picture extended in to space has to be visualized in relation a pair, complementary pair and a complementary system. These pairs and complementary pair and complimentary systems within them have 4:3 relationships such that they present a winding and unwinding path to the center or away from the center

From the above thinking it becomes apparently clear that as the expanding time ends, there will be some drastic changes in the whole universe that involves changes in the direction of the flow. All the changes will be directed to the center.

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