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Christians have predicted several events that many believe are related: the second coming of Jesus, the war of Armageddon, the arrival on earth of the Antichrist, the Tribulation, the Rapture, some horrendous natural disaster, etc. Jewish, Islamic, psychic, occult and other predictions have been offered as well. 18

We have listed over 7 dozen past predictions of the end of the world which have one factor in common: none ever came true. There is every likelihood that most (perhaps all) of these future predictions will not materialize either.

We have been criticized by some of our readers for whipping up hysteria about the end of the world. Our intent is the exact opposite: we want to dampen the level of panic. We hope that by listing many dozens of past predictions -- all of which have failed -- that people will realize that some very important individuals have been totally wrong when they predicted the end of the world. End of the world predictions have been common throughout Christianity and other religions for almost 2000 years. It is probable that none of the following predictions of the date of the end of the world will come true. We will be very surprised if they do.

Predictions of TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it):

bullet 2010+ In early 2005, Roderick C. Meredith, leader of the Living Church of God wrote in his church's magazine Tomorrow's World that the end of the world is near. He said that events prophesied in the Bible are "beginning to occur with increasing frequency....We are not talking about decades in the future. We are talking about Bible prophesies that will intensify within the next five to 15 years of your life." This prophecy, or a local sermon based on it, may have been partly responsible for triggering a mass murder in Brookfield WI on 2005-MAR-12. Church member Terry Ratzmann, who was experiencing serious depression and facing unemployment, shot 11 people, killing 7, and then killed himself at a church service. 8
bullet 2011-SEP-29: Harold Camping, president of Family Radio is reported as predicting that the end of the world will occur sometime during the eight day Feast of Trumpets in 2011. This is an eight day festival each fall in the 5th day of Ethanim, the seventh month. He has completed a book "Time Has an End: A biblical History of the World 11,013 BC – 2011 AD," Vantage Press, (2005).
bullet 2011-NOV-11: We received an Email from "A.H." who believes that the end of the world will happen on 11/11/11. His reasoning is that "...this is the only date until the next millennium that has the same number "1" in the date." Actually, it is the only date until 3011 which is made up of the repetition of pairs of the same digit. We are skeptical. Recall that the Gregorian Calendar is based on the year 1 CE having being arbitrarily chosen. It occurred four to seven years after Jesus birthday, when nothing much of world impact was happening. With an arbitrary beginning, it doesn't make a lot of sense to assume that the end of the world would happen at some magical combination of numbers in the Gregorian date, like the first day of the year 2000, or 11.11.11.
bullet 2012:
bullet Michael Drosnin, author of "The Bible Code," found a hidden message in the Pentateuch (the first five books in the Bible) that predicts that a comet will crash into the earth in 2012 and annihilate all life. As a minimum, I suspect that at least one species will survive: cockroaches. A prediction a decade or two in the future is an ideal one for an author to make. By then, almost all of the eventual book sales will probably have been made and the author would have deposited all or almost all of the royalty checks in his bank account.
bullet Kev Peacock predicts that the Sun's magnetic field will reverse, and induce a reversal of the Earth's field. This will cause massive geothermal and tectonic catastrophes. Something will happen to the mythical island of Atlantis.
bullet 2012-DEC-21: The Mayan calendar expressed dates in the format: This means:
bullet 6 Baktun, an interval of 144,000 days,
bullet 19 Katun (generations) of 7200 days,
bullet 18 Tun (years) of 360 days,
bullet 1 Uinal (month) of 20 days,
bullet 5 Kin (days)

The example cited represents 1,007,305 days from the start of their calendar. J. Eric Thompson determined that the first day of their calendar ( was on 3114-AUG-11 BCE according to the Gregorian calendar. 5 This was when they believed that Venus was born. Another source says that this happened on AUG-13 of the same year. Mayans also had a "Great Cycle of the Long Count" of 13 Baktuns or 5,125.36 years. Many interpreters believe that the Mayans expected that the universe would last exactly that length of time. That is, they anticipated the end of the world at the Winter Solstice. 2012-DEC-21 or in their notation. 6  John Jenkins has determined that on this date, there will be "an extremely close conjunction of the winter solstice sun with the crossing point of Galactic Equator and the ecliptic." This is an event that will not be repeated for thousands of years. Author Carl Johan Calleman disagrees that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world. He writes that "the Mayan calendar is about the progress of evolution, not about the end of the world." 1

bullet 2012-DEC-21: Terence McKenna predicts that at "the moment of the solstice and the heliacal rising of the galactic center, levels of planetary novelty will exponentially increase." The results of this "ultranovel event" are difficult to predict, but may include "Hyperspatial Breakthrough, Planetesimal Impact, Alien Contact, Historical Metamorphosis, Metamorphosis of Natural Law, Solar Explosion, Quasar Ignition at the Galactic Core." Some of these don't sound too healthy for life on earth. 2  I am personally hoping for the latter, because it would take many years for any effects of that ignition to impact earth -- long past my life expectancy.
bullet 2012-DEC-24: A visitor to our web site predicts that on this day, one third of the Oort cloud will rain down on the earth. The Oort cloud is a incredibly large collection of comets that encircle the solar system. Devastation would be total.
bullet 2014: According to Sun magazine for 1999-DEC-21, Pope Leo IX (1513-1522) wrote on 1514: "I will not see the end of the world, nor will you my brethren, for its time is long in the future, 500 years hence.
bullet 2016: An article in Weekly World News describes a find by a Professor Lloyd Cunningdale of Salt Lake City who was excavating with his students at the site of the famous Donner party disaster of 1847. The latter were a group of settlers bound for California who became trapped by snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Cunningdale and students have found a time capsule left by the settlers which contains many predictions for the future. They predict that nations will abandon traditional methods of conflict and resort to the use of biological warfare. In 2016, one such disease will spread and kill all of the humans on the planet. 3
bullet 2017:
bullet The "Sword of God Brotherhood" believes that Armageddon will occur in 2017. The Prophet Gabriel has told them this. Only their own members will survive to repopulate the world. All of the others (including you and me) will "perish in hellfire." 4
bullet Daniel's Timeline bases their calculation on the concept of Jubilee years which occur every 50 years. "" The most recent three Jubilees were:
bullet 1867 when the Jews were emancipated in Austria and Hungary.
bullet 1917 when the Ottomon rule ended and the Balfour Declaration was created.
bullet 1967 when the Six Day War occurred.

They predict that the next and final Jubilee year will be 2017 "the time of the restitution of all things." 9

bullet Before 2018: The web site "A Nightmare for Everyone and the Countdown to 2000," predicts that an asteroid and comet will hit the earth, sometime between the re-creation of Israel in 1948 and 2018. See:
bullet 2020s or 2030s: Bill Joy, co-founder and chief scientist of Sun Microsystems predicted the end of humanity in within 20 or 30 years, in an article in the 2000-APR issue of Wired Magazine. He wrote that leading-edge technologies such as robotics, genetic engineering and nano-tech may soon lead to the extinction of human society. 5
bullet Before 2024: A web site titled "Fire from the sky: Meteors and Biblical Prophecy," predicts that a meteor (actually a meteorite) "could" hit the earth sometime between 1998 and 2023. This would cause fireballs of debris, tidal waves, supher [sic] dioxide, a "red tide" in the oceans, and a dust cloud.
bullet 2028-OCT: Asteroid "1997 XF11" will approach close to earth. At first, scientists were concerned that there was a small probability that it might impact earth. However, data from 1990 has indicated that it will miss earth by about 600,000 miles. 6 Still, this is a near miss, as astronomical distances go.
bullet About 2028: A visitor to this web site from Norway has analyzed biblical chronologies and determined to his satisfaction that "Jesus became Messiah [about the year 28 CE] exactly 4000 years after Creation." He believes that God created the world to last 6,000 years. Thus, the end of the world will happen about 2028. Actually, various theological sources estimate the date of Jesus' execution between 28 and 33 CE. 30-APR-07 is a common date. So, the millennium of Jesus' resurrection would occur between 2028 and 2033, with the most likely date being 2030-APR-07.
bullet 2029: Mike Flipp believes that God has been communicating with him by sending him signs all based on the number 2. He wrote in an Email: "And then on April 26th, 2005 EXACTLY 2 years worth of getting signs of 2's, I got the Grandiose Sign of the Aceptable Year of the Lord - Luke 4:19." The sign is that Jesus will return in the year 2029. He does not kinow the month, day, or hour. See:
bullet Before 2038: The environmental group, Greenpeace, predicts massive starvation due to uncontrolled population growth. Global warning will melt the polar ice caps and cause massive coastal flooding. Thousands of plant and animal species become extinct.
bullet 2038:  The book "The Bible and the Future" predicts that "large percentage of the world's population will die in a series of severe punishments from God" at this time. See:
bullet 2047-SEP-14: According to The Church of !BLAIR!, the human race will probably be terminated at 3:28 AM (Soho, England time). The church teaches, with tongue firmly in cheek, that if the human race does not discard their plastic conformity, then the Gods will withdraw their protection. The Gods don't want us to worship them; they don't want sacrifices or even offerings. They just want us to rid itself of our excessive "Normalcy". At that point, Astro-Lemurs (extra-terrestrials similar in shape to lemurs, but with rainbow colored bodies) will attack the entire human race and beat them to death with gigantic burritos. You have been warned. ;-)
bullet 2060: Sir Isaac Newton, Britain's greatest scientist, analyzed the Bible, which he believed contained God's secret laws of the universe. He concluded that the end of the world will happen in the year 2060. According to Malcolm Neaum, the producer of a TV documentary on Newton: "He spent something like 50 years and wrote 4,500 pages trying to predict when the end of the world was coming. But until now it was not known that he ever wrote down a final figure. He was very reluctant to do so."  26
bullet 2076: Bede the Venerable, an 8th century Christian theologian computed Jesus birth as 3,942 years after the world's creation. The 6,000 year millennial week will thus end in this year.
bullet 2076: Some Sufi sects expect the end of the world in this year, which is the year 1,500 in the Muslim calendar.

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