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When you see behind the illusion of separation and, instead,
connect with the unity of all life, you have awakened.

Human life on Earth was designed to explore the concept of
separation from other people, separation from your environment
and separation from the universe on all levels. This is
achieved by the projection of unified consciousness into an
infinite variety of objects of apparent separation.

When you reach a deep enough meditative state to experience
the oneness that underlies all of reality, then you have
arrived at the main destination of the journey through life on
Earth. Once you experience your unity with the universe and all
that it contains, you realize many things. You realize that you
have always had this connection, that you always will have this
connection, and that nothing can ever take it away.

Awakening brings an aliveness and a great sense of love for
life in all of its forms. Upon awakening, you realize that your
friends are not just people with whom you share a mutual love.
You realize that you and your friends are one, that you share a
common empathy and a mutual kindness, one that knows no
boundaries of self.

You connect with the realization that you are the One that
always was, even before time was created.

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