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A Dictionary of the Divine

Lists of words starting with the letter:

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Other glossaries of religious terms on the Internet:

bullet Asatru terms: and
bullet Atheist terms:
bullet Buddhist terms:
bullet A glossary of Mahayana & Tibetan Buddhism terms:
bullet Christian terms:
bullet Christian Church (Disciples of Christ):
bullet Episcopalian:
bullet Episcopal/Anglican:
bullet Evangelical Christian:
bullet Roman Catholic:
bullet Counter-cult Movement:
bullet Gnostic terms:
bullet Hindu terms:
bullet Islamic terms: and
bullet Jewish terms: and
bullet Metaphysical terms:
bullet Mennonite terms:
bullet Religion and Society at:
bullet Scientology and Dianetics terms:
bullet Sikh terms: and
bullet Vampire/Vampyre terms
bullet Wiccan terms:
bullet Zen terms: and
bullet Zoroastrian terms:

The Glossarist has a list of hyperlinks to -- at last count -- 76 religious glossaries and dictionaries at:

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bullet Using secular terms in essays, reports, etc. about "hot" religious topics.

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The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still valid today.

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  4. The "World Wide Encyclopedia of Christianity" is available online at:

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