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Our greatest happiness in life does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits.
- Thomas Jefferson


The Project for Metaphysical, Spiritual  and Religious Study  is a service provided by the Society for Metaphysical, Spiritual and Religious Study (SMSRS) in Austin Texas, a neo-gnostic venture.
The main purpose of The Society for Metaphysical, Spiritual and Religious Study ("the Society") is to provide a starting point for those in search of answers to questions that the traditional sciences are unable to answer. The answer to questions that have thus far remained the reach of our three (four, if you count time) dimensional world.
Around the planet, people are beginning to get the sense that a new time, with access to dimensions yet to be explored, is unraveling before us.
And now, with the help of the internet, we have discovered that we're not alone.
It only makes sense if you really think about it. For decades people striving for a heightened sense of enlightenment (neo-gnostics) have turned to the cosmos with questions. And where are we beginning to find the answers...cyber-space of course.
The Birth of the Society
Ever since I was little I've felt as though I privy to something big. And as time went by, I began to feel that I would somehow be involved in whatever is going to happen. In the world of metaphysics, this is refered to as the "awakening."
As a result, I decided to to put together a web page with brief descriptions of the major religions of the world.
But the PMSRS is more than just a souce for information. It's more like the kicking off point for your search for a personal spiritual path.

"Work in Progress"...
For every page you visit, remember that this site is an eternal work in progress. There will always be links that go nowhere, subjects that are yet to be covered adequately and other little annoying junk. Bear with me. Everything in it's own time.

The PMSRS is a Not-For-Profit project. The links provided below, and elsewhere on this site, are provided for no reason other than the fact that information from these sites were used in the creation of the PMSRS, and because they are excellent sources of information for anyone wanting to get more information than is provided by the PMSRS site.





The Bible Gateway

Teaching Resources
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