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Jael One of the twin Cherubim on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant, the other cherub being Zarall. Jael is an angel governing the sign of Libra.

Janiel Angel of the fifth Heaven, ruling on Tuesday and subject to the East Wind.

Jariel An angel of divine face or prescence. A varient form of Rziel, Suriel or Sariel.

Jazar A genius who "compels love". Also of the 7th hour of the day.

Jeduthun or Jeduthum(Praising or Judgement) He is lord of the evening choirs in heaven. As the master of howling, he leads myriads, (1,550), of angels in chanting hymns of praise of God at the close of each day. The leader of the "Lords of shouting", "all singing glory to the lord". It is said that at dawn, because of chanting of the lords of shouting, judgement is lightened and the world is blessed.

Jehoel(Jaoel) Mediator of the eneffable name; prince of the presence.

Jehudiel Ruler of the movement of the celestial spheres.

Jehuel The prince of fire.

Jeliel A seraph whose name is inscribed on the tree of life. He is the heavenly prince ruler of Turkey. He controls the destiny of kings and other high dignitaries and gives the palm of victory for those who are unjustly attacked or invaded. In addition he inspires passion between the sexes and insures marital fidelity.

Jerazol An angel of power mentioned in cabalistic works. He is invoked in conjuring rites.

Jeu Jeu is the great angel, overseer of light and arranger of the cosmos. He is one of the 3 great powers on high. Occupying the right place on God's side with Propator on God's left.

Jhudiel Bearer of God's Merciful Love and angel over Friday.

Jophiel(Creative Power) Teaches our consciousness to discover the Light within.

Joustriel Angel of the 6th hour of the day.

Jukar A prince over all the angels, according to Mathers.

Jehudiel(I Have Asked God") Ruler of the movements of celestial spheres.

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