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Babiel Angel of Virtues, Courage & Motivation.

Bagdial A corpulent angel in charge of issuing cards to recent arrivals in the lower heavens. These cards entitle them to new bodies. However Bagdial is said to be a fictional angel.

Bahram Angel of victory.

Balidet A Saturday angel of the air.

Ballaton An angel appearing on the external circle the pentagram of Solomon.

Balthial One of seven planetary angels and the only angel who can over the spirit of jealousy.

Barachiel Guardian and Provider of the Children of God ruling over Saturday. An Archangel assigned by God to keep watch over His adopted children, taking care that He and the Choirs of Angels assigned to the task guard these transformated souls in all their ways, bearing them up in their hands, "lest they dash their feet against the stone on their way to their heavenly home." (Psalm 91.12)

Baradi'el The Angel of the Third Heaven.

Barakiel(Barkiel, Barbiel)(Lightening Of God) This benevolent one grants success, good fortune and excellent luck to mortals who pray to him. He also inspires joviality and a sense of humor. Symbol of enlightenment, overcomes envy, brings illumination. Dominion over lightening. When we pray to this angel on a regular basis, we find that we become filled with happiness, our hearts expand, and we make a space for this angel of good fortune to enter. Rules of the order of seraphim, governor of the month of February, and one of the 7 archangels.

Barbiel Angel of October.

Barchiel This angel presides over the sun signs of Scorpio and Pisces. Angel of February. Those who were born under these signs can pray to Barchiel for Special protection and bright blessings. We can all pray to this illumined one to inspire us to become more compassionate and to help us develop inner strength and the will to heal ourselves and others. This angel also grants emotional depth and awareness.

Bardiel In Jewish legend, one of the two angels of hail.

Bareschas(Beginning) A great angel invoked to procure the woman desired by the invocant.

Bariel Ruling angel of the 11th hour of the day and angel of the fourth pentacle of Jupiter. Grants A Long Life & Future Reincarnations.

Barkiel Angel of lightening. (Uriel also has had this title.) Barkiel is also one of the angels of February and is cited as one of the archangels. The angel of lightening is also noted as the only angel successful in fighting the demon envy.

Barpharanges An angel in charge of the spring of waters of life. He is the angel of the baptismal.

Bartzachiah Stops Over-indulgence!

Baruch(Blessed) Chief guardian angel of the Tree of Life.

Bathor One of seven Olympian spirits, known as stewards or electors of heaven.

Beburos One of the nine angels that will rule "at the end of the world."

Bedaliel Gives Body Energy/vitality/lowers stress

Behemiel An angel with dominion over tamed beasts.

Ben Nez(Hawk) A name for the angel Rubiel/Ruhiel. Ben Nez exercises dominion over the wind. "He holds the south wind with his pinions lest the world be consumed." Ben Nez is referred to as a mountain as well as an angel.

Benad Hasche(Daughters of God) Female angels worshiped by Arabs.

Betheuel One of the governing angels of the Zodiac.

Blaef A Friday angel of the air and subject to the west wind.

Boel(God Is In Him) One of the seven exalted throne angels, resident in the first heaven. Boel holds the four keys to the four corners of the earth. He governs the planet Saturn as well.

Bualu One of the angels of omnipotence.

Burchat In the cabala, an angel of the air serving in the fourth heaven. He governs Sunday and is invoked from the west. He is one of he messengers of the sun.

Butator An angel of calculations. He serves in the third hour of the day.

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