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Archangel Cassiel


Angel of Mind Expansion, Memory, and Genius. The angel of solitudes and tears who "shews forth the unity of the eternal kingdom".

Cassiel is one of the rulers of the planet Saturn, being responsible for its motion and proper place in the heavens. He is the ruling prince of the seventh heaven, one of the Sarim, (princes), of the order of powers, and sometimes appears as the angel of temperance. Magus refers to him as one of three angels of Saturday along with Uriel and Machatan. He has been shown to have a beard and riding a dragon in some works. (Book of Spirits and The Magus)

Cassiel is an angel of Scorpio, (October 23/24 through November 21/22).

Cassiel loves dragons and their energy. His colors are Maroon and black.

Ruling planet: Pluto

Herbal associations: Black pepper, cardamom, coffee, galangal, hyacinth, hops, pennyroyal, pine, thyme, tuberose, and woodruff.

Cassiel Seal

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