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We are energy as living human beings. At death we lose our source of energy, which is our spirit consciousness. Energy is a constant for our dual soul, spirit and our physical body. Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it does change form. We could not live without the electromagnetic energy that flows through us. We can change the chemical electromagnetic energy of our nervous system into mechanical, kinetic, thermal, and nuclear energy. When we explode in anger and rage, we are using our internal form of nuclear energy. The source of our elan vital or lifeforce energy is the chemicals that make us human as a mind, loving emotions, spirit senses, and our physical body. Spiritual energy does not die, but it most certainly needs to change form from time to time to rearrange our physical matter. At death we change all of our physical focuses of energy back to the gaseous chemical electromagnetic energy that is the form of our spiritual consciousness.

Our personal change is always an internal event of thought that we reflect externally into the physical world by what we create, our personality, character traits, and behavior. If we don't change the internal energy of our thinking while we live, we will die as a means of physical change, which gives us an opportunity to begin again. As chemicals our energy exists in three distinct forms: gas, liquid, and solid. We are the perfect example of the unified field, because we exist as a fractal pattern of the universal system. When we understand ourselves, we will understand the universe. Unfortunately our intellectual focus has remained external for millions of years, which allows us to deny the internal energy of our loving emotions and our spirit senses that form a trinity of spiritual energy with our thinking mind.

All of science has focused on the external understanding of the physical visible reality, as they have denied the existence of the invisible. We are both visible as a physical being and invisible as a spiritual being. As chemists become more adept at identifying the subatomic chemicals within us, such as our DNA, we become more conscious that we have an invisible subatomic nature that we have denied, abused, and polluted in our ignorance. Our thinking, speaking, loving emotions, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching all occur because of the internal spiritual energy that gives us life. The science of medicine has separated our physical body into many separate focuses. This is why disease is rampant within the human species. Because we have an external physical focus on life, we do not understand that we are consistently abusing the harmony and balance of our internal chemical energy. In effect, when we destroy our chemical balance we change our internal energy which makes us sick and eventually causes death.

Many scientists do not acknowledge our loving emotions as valid hormonal interactions within our brain and body. Because we have denied, abused, and ignored our loving emotions, we limit the potential of our intellect and subconscious ego mind to understand who we are as spiritual beings living in a unified spiritual energy. When our learned fear emotions consume us, we resort to primitive animalistic behavior which we are frequently seeing in the world news today. The male and female that lives with an intellectual focus of denying the existence of their loving emotions, cannot understand that it is our loving emotions that provide the harmony and balance for our intellectual mind. When we separated our thinking mind from our loving emotions, we created fear and chaos. Our loving emotions are found in our limbic system and they can easily be understood if we think of them as our "magnetic" hormones that create the love that we feel for another person. Surely everyone knows about PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and the "big deal" that we have created over the few days when women may be more "emotional" than at other times. PMS easily shows us where our mind is focused as females. Are we acting out our fearful or loving emotions? Sometimes it is very apparent that we are failing to connect the dots between our intellect and physical behavior to see how we live that unified theory of energy that is our spiritual consciousness. Women are more conscious of their loving emotions than the average man, and this is why women have been seen as unequal to men. It is women that use their loving emotions to support the creation of new life. It is time that all men acknowledge their internal loving emotions because the male denial is interfering with the evolution of the collective consciousness of spiritual energy. Males and females are designed as spiritual equals, despite the religious focus on inequality.

Because we are spiritual beings that are trying to learn how to live as human beings, we must change our focus of thinking from our external fear emotions to our internal loving emotions. Once we change to our internal focus, we can easily understand why we are spiritual energy, why we live through our consciousness energy, and how we can make ourselves sick when we do not understand our energy. In today's world we are also capable as humans of making the entire world sick when we fail to recognize the balance and harmony of our chemical energy. In our ignorance we pollute our total environment of nature, our food sources, and our whole human body as we load our systems with chemical pollution, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and artificial food and drinks. We have not been taught the very basic knowledge about the relationship of pure nutrition to a healthy body. A pure and healthy internal and external environment would give us the power to maintain our physical chemical energy and stay healthy. With all of the wonderful scientific knowledge that is available, we continue to ignore its relationship to our personal physical, mental, and emotional energy as the health of our whole being. When scientists connect the dots of their knowledge and relate all knowledge to the human being, we will see the miracle of our whole spiritual design in all of its beauty.

Once we are willing to change our ignorance into knowledge by understanding the relationship of the internal energy to the external lifestyle, we can begin to utilize our internal energy to heal our physical diseases. Our energy can be balanced with some very specific energy techniques, which will allow our body to heal itself internally if we balance our thinking and emotions. Our body can also reach the point of no return where our cellular structure is too badly damaged for the internal energy to heal itself. We are an electromagnetic energy that generates our lifeforce energy through the interaction of our chemical structure. Therefore maintaining the purity of our internal chemicals is essential to the health and happiness of our external and internal energy.

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