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Beyond 2012
by Geoff Stray

2012 - contents

BEYOND 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy
A Complete Guide to End-of-Time Predictions


Foreword by John Major Jenkins


Part 1: Ancient Calendars & Prophecies

Chapter 1: The Maya Calendars

Tzolkin and Long Count; Galactic Alignment; The Aztec Sunstone; The Calendar Round

Chapter 2: Tribal Prophecies

Mayan Daykeeper Hunbatz Men; Mayan-Aztec Shaman Quetza-Sha; Mayan Elder Don Alejandro; Guatemalan Ajq’ij Carlos Barrios; Inca Prophecy - Willaru Huayta; Inca Prophecy - Q’ero Priesthood; Hopi Elders; Blue Star Kachina; Dogon Connection; Pueblo Indians - Fifth World in 2012; Cherokee Calendar; Cherokee Calendar Wheels; The Seneca Indians; Zulu Prophecy - The Return of Mu-Sho-Sho-No-No; Maori Prophecy: Veil Dissolves in 2012

Chapter 3: Oriental/Asian Calendars

Vedic Time Cycles; Galactic Alignment and the Vedas; The Chinese Calendar; The Tibetan Calendar; The Tamil Calendar; Tibetan Buddhist Prophecy: Kalachakra; Hindu Prophecy - Kalki and the Critical Mass of Enlightened Ones

Chapter 4: I Ching: Ancient Chinese Calendar

Timewave Zero; 9/11 Resonance; Franklin Timewave - Zyzygyz’s Brainwave

Chapter 5: Abrahamic Religions

Christianity - The Rapture and 2012; Matthew, Mark and Luke; the Book of Daniel; The Fig Tree Parable; Revelation; Ezekiel; Judaism and 2012; Islam and 2012; The Masonic Calendar; The Ethiopian Calendar; The Bible Code; Noah Predicts Flood; Final Word of Part One

Part 2: 2012 Theories

Chapter 6: Sunspot Cycles

Cotterell’s Magnetic Flip; Change in the Solar Maximum; Australian Ham Theory; Mass Telepathy in 2012; Pi in the Sky

Chapter 7: Astronomical Claims

Astronomical Phenomena; Venus Transit Theory; Venus-Pleiades Conjunction; Birth and Death of Venus; Nibiru; Return of Nibiru; Phobos Fly-by of Earth; Behemoth and Leviathan; “Galactic Calendar”; Waffle Straining; Obliquity Harmonics; Galactic Core Explosion; Electromagnetic Pulse Wave

Chapter 8: Alternative Archaeology

The Dendera Zodiac; Crustal Displacement; The Hall of Records; The Return of the Phoenix; The Pyramid of Kukulcan - A Precessional Alarm-Clock; The Rattling of the Pleiades; The Eye in the Pyramid; Star-Map to Ground Correlation at Giza in 2012; Giza-Genesis; The Re-Birth of Osiris; Secrets of the Alchemists; Descent of the New Jerusalem Cube; Signs in The Sky; The Orion Prophecy

Chapter 9: The Geomagnetic Field

Magnetic Field Reversal; One-Baktun Geo-Dynamo; Imminent Reversal; A 100,000-Year Cycle

Chapter 10: Ice Cycles

The Celestial Ice Clock; Milankovitch Cycle

Chapter 11:

Flood at 3113 BC; Comet Explosion at 3114 BC; The Eyes of Ra and Horus; Keene on Comets

Chapter 12: Fringe Science

Naked Singularity; Shift of the Ages; Solar System Changes; Magnetised Band of Plasma; The Auric Time Scale; Critical Mass; Information Doubling; Quantum Awakening

Part 3: Beyond The Veil

Chapter 13: Shamanism

Holy Flesh; The Spirit Molecule; The Psi Molecule; Bicycle Accident; Syrian Rue; Salvia Divinorum

Chapter 14: Other Altered States

Near-Death Experiences; Out-Of-Body-Experiences; Lucid Dreams; Meditation; Past Life Recall; Future Life Pre-call

Chapter 15: UFOs and ETs

UFO Waves; Contact; Alien Telepathy; The Assessment; The X-Files

Chapter 16: Crop Circles

Barbury Castle; Quincunxes; Calendrical Crop Codes; Mayan Crop Glyph; Nibiru Crop Code

Chapter 17: Secret Government

The Montauk Project; Remote Viewing and the Discontinuity

Chapter 18: Nostradamus

King of Terror; John Hogue; Toutatis; Phobos Revisited; Nostradamian Fundamentalism; Nostradamus Meets Mother Shipton

Chapter 19: The New Age

The Next Precessional Age; Aquarius Now; The Great Conjunction; Crossing the Threshold; Period of Justification; Galactic Synchronisation; Photon Belt; Realm Border Wave; The Calleman ‘Solution’; Scallion Rap; Crystal Skulls; Aeon of Maat; High Priestess of Maat

Part 4: Diagnosis

Chapter 20: Analysis

Three Questions; Are the Prophecies Reliable?; Theory Filtration; Cosmic Dust Increase; Alcyone Examined; Plasmatic Communication from the Noosphere?; Thermal Plasmas at Hessdalen; Vacuum Domains; The Hutchison Effect; Biochemistry of Galactic Alignment; Implosion Point

Chapter 21: Synthesis

Contaminated Trance?; Enter the Shepherdess; TLE; Acute Schizophrenic Break Syndrome; Gnostic Soulcraft; Egyptian Shamanism; Non-Molecular Body; The Spiritual Wedding; Earth Ch’i Meets Heaven Ch’i: Hendaye Revisited; The Peruvian Solution; The Horse’s Mouth; The Urcos Connection; The Coricancha and the Golden Sun Disc

Chapter 22: Prognosis

Taoist Yoga - Kilner; Plasmatic Invader; Neolithic Earth Net; Ecstatic Fusebox; Enoch’s Glorious Device; Third Eye Magnetised; Telepathic Interplay; Conclusion

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