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Maya 2012 and Hindu 2013

The date February 21st, 2013 is very significant and it closely
corresponds with the date of December 21st, 2012, which the ancient
Maya believed to be the Earth's final day. Although separated by two
months, these two dates probably point to the same momentous and
epochal event. The Maya claimed that this future end-time could
include a catastrophic magnetic pole reversal of the planet Earth, a
solar shift, a Venus transit and mounting earthquakes, among other
catastrophes. On the other hand, other experts claim that the Mayans
might not have claimed that the year 2012 would necessarily be
the "end of days," but perhaps just the end of an age. Many cycles
are said to begin on that same date. The belief is that Mother Earth
as a living entity will transcend to another level or frequency or
consciousness and a new and special era will begin. The preparation
for this new age is now in the womb of the Mother Earth, so to
speak, and the process of change is bringing transcendental
manifestations, which as Sahaja Yogis we can all bear witness.

The Mayan calendar is recognized as the world's most accurate
calendar, more so than the Gregorian system in use today. Its
accuracy is said to be such that the Mayan calendar will need to be
adjusted by only one day in 380,000 years. From astronomical
observations measuring the precession of the equinoxes and
solstices, the ancient Mayan or pre-Maya determined the date of
December 21st, 2012, as the end of their Long Count Calendar, the
end of time. This end-date of the Long Count Calendar in 2012, this
precession of the equinoxes indeed pinpoints a rare alignment in a
vast cycle of time. On December 21st, 2012, the galactic equator,
the mid-point of our galaxy, will cross the ecliptic path of the
sun, creating a rare conjunction of the winter solstice.

A new precessional cycle is a very significant event indeed. It
happens only once every 25,800 years. The classical Maya who
apparently were masters of large cycles of time, believed that a
precessional cycle marked a specific time of spiritual evolution.
Thus, a new cycle of spiritual evolution is now beginning as marked
by their 2012 calendar end-point. Also, this is the date on which
the earth will pass over from Pisces and the new Age of Aquarius
will truly begin; in Sahaj terminology this date will herald the
start of Satya Yuga. Below is a passage showing how the onset of
Satya Yuga is described in the Devi Bhagavatam. Note that when Satya
Yuga is truly established, in the words of the Devi
Bhagavatam, "...and all will meditate on the DevÓ." Can anybody
doubt that eventual victory will belong to the Divine Mother?

"O N‚rada! Thus, when the Kali will have its full play, the whole
world will be filled with Mlechchas, the trees will be one hand high
and the men will be of the size of a thumb. Then the most powerful
Bhagav‚n N‚r‚yana will incarnate in His part in the house of a
Br‚hmin named Visnujas'‚ as his son. Mounted on a long horse,
holding a long sword He will make the world free of the Mlechchas in
three nights. Then he will disappear from the face of the Earth and
She will be without any sovereign and be filled with robbers. There
will be incessant rain, for six nights and it will rain and rain and
the whole earth will be deluged; no traces of men, houses, and
trees. After this the Twelve Suns will rise simultaneously and by
their rays the whole water will be dried up and the earth will
become level. Thus the dreadful Kali will pass away when the Satya
Yuga will come back, Tapasy‚ and the true religion and Sattva Guna
will prevail again. The Br‚hmins will practise Tapasy‚, they will be
devoted to Dharma and the Vedas. The women will be chaste and
religious in every house. Again the wise and intelligent Ksattriyas
devoted to the Br‚hmanas will occupy the royal thrones and their
might, devotion to Dharma and love for good deeds will increase. The
Vais'yas will again go on with their trades and their devotion to
their trade and the Br‚hmins will be reestablished. The S'Żdras,
too, will be again virtuous, and serve the Br‚hmins. Again the
Br‚hmins, Ksattriyas, and Vais'yas and their families will have
Bhakti towards the DevÓ, be initiated in DevÓ Mantras and all will
meditate on the DevÓ." (Book 9, Chapter Cool

The above passage also makes an apparent reference to the
Tribulation as believed by the fundamentalist Christians when it
states, allegorically, that, "There will be incessant rain, for six
nights and it will rain and rain and the whole earth will be
deluged; no traces of men, houses, and trees. After this the Twelve
Suns will rise simultaneously and by their rays the whole water will
be dried up and the earth will become level. Thus the dreadful Kali
will pass away when the Satya Yuga will come back..." If the
beginning of 2013 is taken to be the start of Satya Yuga or the
return of Christ as Kalki, then the seven-year Tribulation could be
starting very soon.

So in just a little over seven years from now, to borrow from a
famous speech, mankind will have its tryst with destiny and then at
the stroke of the midnight hour, while the rest of the world sleeps
(both literally and metaphorically), the realized souls of the world
will awaken to a new world, the new age of enlightenment, the Satya
Yuga! But on the other hand, if we do not live up to our
responsibilities over the next seven years and if there is no or
insufficient spiritual transformation and awakening in mankind, then
we could all wake up to the nightmare of Tandava! the Dance of
Sadashiva. The ancient Mayans have foreseen the possible outcomes.
It is all up to us now as the rest of mankind nonchalantly lays,
unaware, teetering on the brink.

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