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Kabniel An angel invoked to cure stupidity.

Kabshiel An angel who, when conjured up and agreeable with the invocant confers grace and power.

Kadi(el) A Friday angel invoked from the west and serving in the third heaven.

Kakabel One of the angels of constellations.

Kamali Rhodesian: Spirit Protector

Kandile One of the nine holy angels invoked by cabalists.

Karoz "Reporter angels.

Katzfiel An angelic Prince of the sword and guard of the sixth heaven. Katfiel's sword emits lightening.

Kemiel One of the 70 angels invoked at the time of childbirth.

Kakabel One of the angels of constellations.

Kepharel Angel of the Pomegranate tree.

Kerub Angel of books & wisdom, defeats devils, rescues you from damnation, vengeance, keeps peace in Heaven.

Kerubim Angel of your daughters & their needs.

Kfial One of the 64 angel wardens of the seven celestial halls.

Kirtabus Genius of languages and a genii of the ninth hour.

Kmiel In Jewish mysticism, and angel of the summer equinox, effective as an amulet against the evil eye.

Kokaviel The name of the angel found inscribed on the third pentacle of the planet Mercury. Angel to Grant Impossible Things.

Korniel One of the numerous angelic guards of the South wind.

Kotecha An angel of the seal, conjured in ceremonial magic.

Kutiel An angel invoked in connection with using divining rods.

Kyriel One of the 28 angels governing the 28 mansions of the moon.

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