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Iacoajul Angel of the 11th Hour of the night.

Iadara An angel governing the sign of Virgo.

Iahhel This shining one inspires meditation and illumination. Iahhel watches over philosophers and those who seek a retreat from worldly pursuits. For those who have difficulty meditating, pray to Iahhel for help just before you begin your meditative practice.

Iahmel An angel with dominion over the air

Iax An angel, if invoked who can thwart stomach trouble and the emotion envy.

Iciriel One of the 28 angels ruling the 28 mansions of the moon.

Idrael An angelic guard of the fifth heavenly hall.

Iedidiel An angel summoned up in ritual invocation.

Ieiaiel Angel of the future.

Ielahiah He protects magistrates and renders decisions in legal suits.

Ietuqiel An angel invoked by women at childbirth.

Ikkar Sof The angelic ruler of the months of January & February.

Imriel(eloquence of God) Angelic ruler or the month's of May - June.

In Hii One of the angels of the North Star.

Ioelet An angel invoked to exorcise demons.

Iofiel(Yofiel, Zophiel) Preceptor angel of Shem, a prince of the Torah (like Yefefiah); one of the 7 archangels; chief of the order of thrones.

Ionel Archangel of Health, Healing, Pain Removal!

Irel An angel resident of the 5th heaven. He rules Tuesday and is invoked from the west.

Irin (Watchers or Holy Watchers) Twin angels residing in the sixth heaven. The Irin, together with the twin Qaddisin, constitute the supreme judgment council of the heavenly court. They are among the eight exalted hierarchs that enjoy a rank superior to that of Metatron, (who is considered of the greatest angels serving God) According to Daniel 4:17 the Irin are watchers. It is said that "each of the Irin is equal to the rest of the angels and princes together."

Isda Angel of food.

Ishim Overeating/Habits/Fetishes/sins/Gluttony.

Ishliah One of the angels governing the East.

Isma'il A guardian angel invoked in rite of exorcism and also resides in the first heaven in charge of a group of angels (in the guise of cows) engaged in worshipping Allah.

Ismoli A ministering angel. Ruler of the angels of the air operating on Monday.

Israfel(Music) This angel of music inspires people to sing, play musical instruments and compose music. Pray to him to increase talent in this area. He also encourages renewal, resurrection and regeneration.Though all angels sing mighty praises to God, there is a special order consecrated to bringing us the music of the Spheres. Angels speak from the mind and sing from the heart, not as we do through vocal cords.

Ithuriel(discovery of god) One of the 3 deputy sarim (princes) of the holy sefiroth serving under the ethnarchy of the angel Sephuriron. The name Ithuriel occurs in the 16th century tracts of Issac ha-Cohen of Soria, where the term is interpreted as denoting "a great golden crown"; and in Cordovero's Pardes Rimmonium (Orchard of Pomegranates). Earlier sources may yet come to light. The name appears also in the grimoires, as the 1st pentacle of the planet Mars, figured in Mathers, The Greater Key Of Solomon. In Paradise Lost, Milton refers to Ithuriel as a cherub (mistakenly), who, along with Zephon, is dispatched by Gabriel to locate Satan. By touching Satan with his spear, Ithuriel causes the tempter to resume his proper likeness after being spotted as a toad. In Drydan, The State Of Innocence, Ithuriel figures in the cast of characters as one of 4 angels. Angel Helps Stop Smoking. All Lusts.

Itkal As an angel who presides over cooperation and affection, we appeal to Itkal to create harmonious relationships between people.

Itqal An angel of affection. Evoked in cases of dissension among human beings.

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