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Haatan A genius who conceals treasures.

Habbiel A Monday angel of the first heaven. An angel who is appealed to for loyal love and romance, invoked in love charms.

Hadakiel He governs the sign of libra.

Hadiya(hay-dee-yah) Arabic: Guide to righteousness; gift.

Hafaza There are four of these angels. They are to protect men from jinn, men and satan. It is there job to write down the actions of mortals.

Hahahel(Hahael) Angel of the order of Virtues. Hahael protects missionaries and all disciples. He is also one of the 72 angels bearing the mystical name of the God Shemhamphorae. His corresponding angel is Chantare`, who's description only states that he is the corresponding angel to Hahahel (Hahael).

Hahaiah An angel of the order of Cheribum. He influences thoughts and reveals hidden mysteries to mortals.

Hakamiah One of the cherubim (invoked against traitors) and a guardian of France.

Hakem An angelic guard stationed at the fourth heavenly hall.

Halacho A genius of sympathies and a genii of he 11th hour.

Halliza The name of the angel appearing on the eternal circle of the pentagram of Solomon.

Haludiel An angel of the 4th heaven invoked on the Lord's Day, with the invocant facing south. Haludiel is also an intelligence of the sun.

Ham Meyuchad An angel of the order of Cheribum.

Hamal An angel with dominion over water. Hamal is invoked in Arabic incantation rites.

Hamaliel Angel of the month of August, one of the rulers of the orders of virtues, and governor of the zodiacal sign of Virgo.

Hamatiel Zodiacal angel governing the sign of Virgo.

Hamied(Miracles) The glorious angel of miracles. He is such a dazzling white that you can only see his incredible eyes shining through. As you feel his presence enfold you, open your heart to receive his gift of intense love.

Hananiel(Graciously Given of God) An archangel whose name appears inscribed on a pentagram.He'el ("life of God") An angel leader. A ruler of the seasons of the year.

Haniel(Anael) Chief of the orders of principalities and virtues; one of the 7 archangels; governor of December, all powers of love, reputed to have transported Enoch to heaven. More on Haniel here

Hannuel An angel who has dominion over the sign of Capricorn.

Hantiel An angel of the 3rd hour of the day.

Haqadesh Stops Psychic Attack/Psychic Vampire.

Harabael An angel with dominion over the earth.

Harahel This radiant one protects libraries, archives, schools and universities. Harahel opens our minds and hearts to new ideas while inspiring humankind to use this knowledge in life-affirming ways.

Harshiel In Syriac conjuring ceremonies he is a spellbinding angel (especially for binding sorcerers) along with Michael, Gabriel, Sarphiel, Azrael and others.

Harudha A female angel who rules the element of water.

Harviel An angelic guard stationed at the second heavenly hall.

Hasmed Angel of annihilation and one of the five angels of punishment that Moses encountered in heaven.

Hasmodia A spirit of the moon, invoked in talismanic magic.

Hatiphas A genius of finery. (Clothing and apparel)

Haven One of the 12 genii who preside over the 12 hours of the day. Haven is the genius of dignity.

Hayyel Protects wild animals along with Thuriel, Mtniel and Jehiel. Pray to them to protect animals from extinction. Hayyel teaches humankind that just as the angels protect us, so were we created to protect nature. Pray to this angel to inspire humans to become the stewards of all nature that we are meant to be.

He'el Ruler of the seasons of the year.

Heiglot An angel of snow storms. Ruler of the first hour.

Helemmelek An angel governing one of the seasons. The name is said to be an inversion of Milkiel.

Helison One of the five angels of the first altitude. The other four being Alimiel, Gabriel, Barachiel and Lebes. When invoked Helison appears carrying a banner adorned with crimson cross, crowned with roses.

Hismael The spirit of the planet Jupiter.

Hizarbin A genius of the sea and one of the genii of the second hour.

Hizkiel One of the numerous guards at the gate of the North Wind.

Hngel Angel of the summer equinox and effective against the evil eye.

Hod Discovers Friends, Foes & Secret Thoughts.

Hodniel An angel reputed to have the power of curing stupidity in man.

Hormuz An angel in charge of the first day of the month.

Humastrav A Monday angel, invoked from the north. Humastrav is said to reside in the first heaven.

Husael An angel serving in the third heaven.

Hypezokos(Flower Of Fire) One of the "effiable, essential and elemental orders" in the Chaldean cosmological scheme.

Hyperachii A group of archangels that guide the universe.

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