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Egalmiel Makes You Attractive/Sexy/Desired.

Eheres An angel invoked in the exorcism of wax.

Eiael An angel with dominion over the occult sciences and longevity. When Eiael is evoked the invocant must recite the 4th verse of Psalm 36.

Eirnilus An angel with dominion over fruit. He serves also as one of the genii of the sixth hour.

Eistibus A genius of divination, one of the genii of the fourth hour.

El-Adrel An angel who is invoked to bring the invocant the music of his choice.

El Auria Angel of flame and is equated with Ouriel or Uriel.

El El One of the angelic guards of the north wind.

Elamiz An angel of the 11th hour of the night.

Elimiel In Jewish cabala, the angel (spirit intelligence) of the moon.

Eistibus The angel of Divination.

Eloa A female angel said to have been born from a tear that Jesus shed.

Elomeel One of the leaders of the angels of the seasons.

Elomnia One of the five chief angel princes of the third altitude.

Enediel One of the 28 angels governing the 28 mansions of the moon. Particularly a spirit of the second day of the moon in it's waning phase.

Enejie An angel of the seal invoked in magical rites.

Eoluth A Cherub for Seraph used for conjuring by cabalists.

Erosoti The planetary genius of Mars.

Eschiel Angel Stops Drug Abuse, Self-destruction.

Esme Welsh: Gracious protector.

Espiacent An angel used in exorcism of wax for bringing about successful accomplishments of ones work. Psalms must be cited after rites of exorcism.

Ethnarchs Angels that exercise authority over nations.

Eth(Time) An angelic power, a ministering angel, charged with seeing to it that "all events occur at their appointed time."

Euchey An angel invoked in exorcism of evil spirits through the application of fumigation and incense.

Eudaemon A good spirit, a daemon, one of the Greek terms for angel.

Eurabatres An angel of the planet Venus.

Ezekiel Archangel Ezekiel, the Angel of Death and Transformation.

Ezgadi An angel's name used in conjuring rites for the successful completion of journeys.

Ezrieli An angel's name found inscribed in an Aramic amulet discovered among the dead sea scrolls.

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