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Dagiel An angel with dominion over fish.

Dalquiel One of three princes of the third Heaven. The other two are Jabniel and Rabacyal. All rule over fire under the ethnarchy of Anahel.

Damabiah An angel of the order of angels with dominion over naval construction.

Dameal A Tuesday angel, resident in the fifth heaven. He is evoked from the East.

Dagiel An angel with dominion over fish.

Daniel(God Is My Judge) An angel of the order of principalities, according to Waite, The Lemegeton. Daniel (as Danjal) is one of a troop of fallen angels, listed in Enoch 1. In the lower regions he excercises authority over lawyers. His sigil is reproduced in Ambelain, La Kabbale Pratique, p. 289. On the other hand, according to Barrett, The Magus, Daniel is a high holy angel (one of 72) who bears the name of the God Shemhamphorae. He excercises dominion over lawyers.

Darel Inten`ant of light, he's responsible of the gestion of light and loving energies used and given to man and woman who are losing Hope and Faith. Darel is the "first aid" manager.

Degaliel An angel who's name is found inscribed on the third pentacle of the planet Venus.

Derdekea A heavenly, powerful female angel who descends to earth for the salvation of man. She is referred to as the Supreme Mother.(also known as Drop)

Devecia Gives Balance, Tranquility, Peace/Quiet.

Dina When the world was first created, Dina taught humans seventy different languages. This guiding and teaching angel inspires the human race to pursue wisdom, knowledge and a love of learning

Diniel An angel who is one of the 70 child bed amulet angels. He is also a spellbinding angel in "the binding of the tongue of the ruler."

Djibril Faithful Spirit.

Djin Helper of the Archangel Gabriel. He is an Elemental King, sphere of fire. He looks somewhat elderly, yet has great muscles. He has flames for hair and is a King of Fire. He can teach you the ways to use fire in magickal workings. He can also bring rituals that you never knew existed and give them to you as gifts.

Donachiel Provides All Hearts Desires/Goals.

Donel One of the numerous angelic guards of the South Wind.

Donquel An angel of love, procured to secure the woman of the invocant's desire.

Douma(h) or Duma The angel of silence and of the stillness of death.

Dracon An angel of the sixth hour of the night.

Drop A female heavenly power who descends to earth for the salvation of man.

Duchiel Angel Helps Keep Mind & Body Young.

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