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Cabriel The angel with dominion over the sign of Aquarius. He is one of six angels placed over the four parts of heaven.

Cadmiel Angel implicated in the destiny of humans. Cadmiel has to make sure that every man and woman accomplishes their own destiny. The favorite sentence of Cadmiel is: "If your soul goes to the right, don't go to the left!"

Cahetel One of the 8 Seraphim; he rules over agricultural products and is one of the 72 angels bearing the name of the god shemhamphorae. In the cabala generally he is often invoked to increase or improve crops. His corresponding angel is Asicat.

Calliel One of the throne angels serving in the second heaven, invoked to bring prompt help during adversity.

Caluel A Wednesday angel invoked from the south.along with Clliel invoked to bring prompt help against adversity.

Camael(Kemuel)(Kamael) Chief of the order of powers; one of the holy sefiroth; personification of divine justice; among the 7 that stand in the presence of God. An angel who presides over beauty, joy, happiness, power in interpersonal relationships, self-discipline, and contentment, Camael grants these gifts to those who pray to him. Any activity on our part that emulates this angel, such as bringing gladness to others, draws Camaelic energies into our lives and enfolds us in wings of happiness. Essene prayer: "Camael, Angel of Joy, descend upon the earth and give beauty to all things." More on Camael here

Cambiel According to Trithemius, the ruler of the zodiacal sign Aquarius, and an angel of the 9th hour. Those born under this sign can pray to Cambiel for special protection and bright blessings. We all pray to this shining one for increased intelligence and also for the courage to think in unconventional ways.

Cambill Angel of the eighth hour of the night.

Capabile One of three angel messengers of the sun.

Caphriel(Strong & Powerful Angel) Chief ruler of the seventh day (sabbath) he is invoked in the conjuration of the planet Saturn.

Caracasa An angel of spring along with Core, Amatiel and Comissoros.

Cassiel Ruler of Saturday. The angel of solitudes and tears who "shews forth the unity of the eternal kingdom". Cassiel is one of the rulers of the planet Saturn and is also the ruling prince of the seventh heaven. Cassiel is one of the Sarim (princes) of the order of powers. Sometimes, he appears as the angel of temperance.

Castiel An angel of Thursday.

Cathetel This guardian angel of the garden increases the growth and yield of vegetables and fruits and keeps them healthy and flourishing. Cathetel inspires the human race to love and appreciate all of the beings of nature. When we grow in respect and reverence for nature we can attain harmony with our own natures as well.

Cedar An angel governing the South.

Ceres Pronounced "Series" - Regent of "Ammon" - a resting place on the way to Heaven. - ref: Koran - Rabbinical Literature 400 AD - Milton

Chabalym A seraph or cherub invoked in cabalistic magical rites.

Chaioth Gives Imagination/Fantasy/Visualization.

Chaldkydri Archangels of the flying elements of the sun. Linked to phoenixes and in between cheribum and seraphim. They have 12 wings and at the rising of the sun they burst into song! They recide in the 4th heaven.

Chamuel This angel fosters tolerance in the human heart, inspiring within us the realization that to love others we must love ourselves. Chamuel helps us to drop judgmental attitudes towards others and develop a more tolerant view of our own shortcomings.

Chamyel One of 15 throne angels.

Charbiel An angel appointed to "draw together and dry up all the waters of the earth."

Charman Angel of the eleventh hour of the night.

Charms Angel of the ninth hour of the day.

Charoum An angelic benefactor who presides over the direction North. We appeal to Charoum for the ability to appreciate silence, the integrity to keep secrets and the patient attentiveness to be good listeners. This heavenly protector is traditionally believed to safeguard the earth plane from excess rain, floods and hurricanes.

Chasan Angel of the air his name is inscribed on the seventh pentacle of the sun.

Chaschmalim Angel of Brilliant Ideas/Invention.

Chasmali Teaches Hypnosis Mastery/Seduction.

Chassan Gives Power/Control/Command of Others.

Chassiel One of the intelligence's of the sun.

Chaylon A cherub or seraph invoked in ritual magic.

Chayo A Throne angel invoked in magical conjurations. One of the 15 angels listed in the sixth and seventh book of Moses.

Chayyiel Chief of the Holy Hayyoth (Cherubim).

Cheratiel An angel of the sixth hour of the night.

Cheriour A "terrible angel" charged with punishment of crime and the pursuit of criminals.

Chermes Angel of the ninth hour of the night.

Chismael A spirit of the planet Jupiter.

Chockmahel Make Speaking to Other Sex Easy.

Chosniel(Cover) An angel invoked for the conferring of a good memory and an open heart.

Colopatiron As an angel who unlocks prison gates, we can appeal to this sacred being when we are struggling for freedom or independence of any kind: economic, creative, spiritual or psychological.

Comato(s) An angel invoked in the exorcism of wax.

Commissoros One of the four angels of spring.

Corabael A Monday angel residing in the first heaven and invoked from the West.

Corat A Friday angel of the air, invoked from the East, residing in the third heaven.

Cruciel An angel of the third hour of the night.

Cupra One of the Novesiles, Cupra is the personification of light

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