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A'albiel An angel in service of the archangel Michael. [Rf. M. Gaster, Wisdom of the Chaldeans.]

Aban In ancient Persion lore, Aban is (or was) the angel of the month of October. He goverened also the 10th day of that month. [Rf. Hyde, Historia Religionis Veterum Persarum.]

Abariel In ceremonial magic tracts, an angel used for invoking. The name Abrariel is found inscribed on the 2nd pentacle of the moon. [Rf. Mathers, The Greater Key of Soloman]

Abasdarhon Supreme ruling angel of the 5th hour of the night. [Rf. Waite, The Lemegeton.]

Abdals(The Substitutes) 70 mysterious spirits whose identity is known only to God alone and through whose operations the world continuous to exist. When one of them dies ( they are not immortal) another is secretly appointed by God as a replacement.

Abrid An angel of the summer equinox and effective against the evil eye.

Abel(Meadow) Souls on arrival in Heaven are judged by Abel, who is one of 12 powers engendered by the god Ialdabaoth. He is also of the angels of the 4th heaven ruling onLord's Day and invoked from the East. In The Testament of Abraham 13:11, Abel is the angel "before whom every soul must appear for judgement after Enoch, the heavenly scribe, fetches the book containing the record of the soul in question." [Rf. Doresse, The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics; Barrett, The Magus II.]

Abuzohar One of the angels of the moon and responsive to invocations in ritual magic.

Acheliah Causes Passion/Lust in Others for You

Achaiah In the cabala, one of the 8 seraphim; he is the angel of patience and the discoverer of the secrets of nature. His corresponding angel is Chous. For Achaiah's sigil, see Ambelain, La Kabbale Pratique, p. 260. In the New Testament, Achaiah is a Roman province. Paul visited the churches in that region (Acts 18:12, 27)

Adnachiel Angel of the month of November, with rulership over the sign of Sagittarius. Adnachiel alternates with Phaleg as a ruling angel of the order of angels. [Rf. Heywood, The Heirarchy of the Blessed Angels; Barrett, The Magus; Budge, Amulets and Talismans; De Plancy, Dictionnaire Infernal; Camfield, A Theological Discorse of Angels.]

Adnai(Pleasure) An angel whose name is found inscribed on a pentacle of the planet Venus.

Adoniel Lottery/Luck/Gamblers/Business/Success.

Aduachiel Angel of the month of November, with rulership over the sign of Sagittarius. He alternates with Phaleg as a ruling angel of the order of angels.

Af Bri An angel who favors the people of Israel; he exercises control over rain. (Cf. Matarel.) [Rf. Margouliath, Malache Elyon.]

Afriel Traditional angelic lore informs us that this being of light safeguards young life, and is also considered to be protective of that which is youthful and tenderly growing within each of us, no matter how old we actually are. Afriel is believed to grant youth, vigor and vitality and is prayed to for these gifts and attributes.

Afsi-khof The angel who governs the months of July and August.

Aftiel The angel of twilight.

Agiel A angel's name that is found inscribed on the first pentacle of the planet Mercury. He is also the presiding intelligence of the planet Saturn.

Aha An angel of the order of dominations, a spirit of fire used in cabalistic magical operations.

Ahadiel An angelic enforcer of the law.

Akatriel (Akrasiel) Revealer of the divine mysteries and angel of proclamation; cf. Raziel

Alimon A great prince who, when invoked, protects the invocant from gunshot wounds and from sharp instruments. His aids are the angels Reivtip and Tafthi.

Altarib An angel who excercises dominion over winter. He may be summoned in magical rites.

Amabael An angel with dominion over Winter.

Amabiel An angel of the air on Tuesday and presides over the planet mars. Amabiel is on of the angelic luminaries concerned with human sexuality.

Amaliel Angel of punishment, also of weakness.

Amatiel Amatiel holds dominion over the season of spring. We appeal to this renewing angel to plant the seeds of hope, rebirth, new beginnings and positive expectations in our hearts and minds.

Ambriel This angel inspires clear communication so that we might better speak our own truth, while gently guiding human beings toward a time when truth and clarity will be the universal norm. Ambriel is also considered to be an angel of general protection. Ambriel presides over the sun sign of Gemini and the month of May. Those born under this sign pray to Ambriel for special blessings and protection.

Amitiel Angel grants peace, love, truth, understanding & equality.

Anachiel Helps You Deal with People & Shyness.

Anael One of the 7 angels of creation. Prince of the Archangels and ruler of the Friday angels. Anael exercise dominion over the planet Venus. He is one of the luminaries concerned with human sexuality and is governor of the second heaven, where he is in charge of prayer ascending from the first heaven. In addition he controls kingdoms and kings on earth and has dominion over the moon. Angel of Students, Teachers & Learning.

Anafiel Chief of the crown judgment angels of the Merkabah.

Anahita A female angel of high rank. She is "the immaculate one, genius of fertilizing water and the fruitfulness of the earth.

Ananiel One of the numerous guards of the South Wind.

Anauel An angel who protects commerce , bankers, commission brokers etc...

Anfial One of the 64 angel wardens of the celestial halls.

Angel of November The angel of November is the angel of humility. This autumn angel brings a special gift that helps deepen the meaning of the Thanksgiving season for ourselves and our loved ones. November's angel urges us to acknowledge and appreciate the supporting roles others have played in our lives this year, and even thank those who have taught us difficult lessons. The angel of November leads us to give thanks in a new way by forgiving old hurts and healing broken friendships. Thus we help one another to be truly grateful for our relationships and the richness they bring to our lives.

Angels of Autumn Guabarel and Tarquam.

Angels of Childbirth There are 70 amulet angels invoked at childbirth.

Angels of Crescent Moon and the Throne Class and Animals Wolfs, hares, cows and cats are listed as being those to invoke for animal protection. This would be important to farmers. Some individual Angels involved with this protection ring are Behemiel, Hariel, Thegri, Mtniel, Jehiel, Manakel.

Angels of Fire Nathaniel, Arel, Atuniel, Jehoel, Ardarel, Gabriel, Seraph and Uriel.

Angels of Hidden Things Satarel and Gethel.

Angels of Love Theliel, Rahmiel, Raphael and Donquel.

Angels of the Mansions of the Moon There are 28 angels ruling the 28 Mansions of the Moon.

Angel of Milk In Zoroastrianism, a glass of milk symbolizes Vohu Manah. He is the guardian angel of cattle.

Angels of Money Uriel, Ariel, Anauel and Rauel.

Angels of the 12 Months There are angels for each month of the year.

Angels of Mysteries Raziel, Gabriel, Zizuph. Gabriel is known as the "Genius of Mysteries".

Angels of Prayer The seven angels who convey the prayers of the saints to our creator. Akatriel, Gabriel, Metatron, Raphael, Sandalphon, Sizouse and Michael.

Angels of the Rain Matriel, Matarel, Matariel, Ridya and Zalbesal.

Angels of the Seasons There are Governing and Serving Angels of the Four Seasons.

Angels of the Service(Fowl of Heaven) These angels have six wings.

Angels of Summer Gargatel,Gaviel and Tariel. Tubiel is the head of the sign of summer.

Angels of Sunday Sunday is influenced by the Sun. Michael is the primary Angel of Sunday, but each hour of this day also has its secondary angel. These angels are, beginning with the 1st hour -- Michael, Anael, Raphael, Gabriel, Cassiel, Sachiel, Samael, Michael, Anael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Cassiel. Some Angels do double duty on this day!

Angels of Tears Sandalphon and Cassiel.

Angels of Vegetation Sealiah and Sofiel.

Angels of the Wind Moriel, Ruhiel, Ben Nez and Rujiel

Angels Of Winter Ctarari, Amabael and Certari. The head angel is Altrib. or (Attaris)

Angerecton An angel invoked in magical rites, specifically in the invocation of fumigation.

Aniel One of the numerous angelic guards of the gates of the West wind. Gives Psychic Powers/ESP/Intuition/Dreams.

Anitor A high holy angel, invoked in magical rites after proper investiture by the invocant.

Anixiel One of the 28 angels governing the 28 mansions of the moon.

Anthriel This is an angel of balance and harmony. We appeal to Anthriel to help us stay on an even keel, leading our lives with moderation. Anthriel helps us stay calm at all times. Those who become easily off-centered and filled with anxiety pray to Anthriel for balance.

Anunna Angels who are terrestrial spirits.

Apollyon/Abaddon(Destroyer) Guardian of the abyss, featured in Revelations 9.11.

Apragsin A divine messenger appointed by God to the sword.

Aquariel This perfect being opens the doors of perception to mortals who pray to him. Aquariel inspires humankind with transcendent and cosmic understanding so that we may spiritually evolve.

Aralim Brings Protection to Home & Loved Ones. Gives Confidence , Ego, Pride, Self esteem.

Arariel(Azareel, Uzziel) Curer of stupidity and one of the 7 angels with dominion over the earth. Arariel is specifically an angel who presides over the waters of the earth (according to the Talmudists). He is invoked by fishermen so that they may, with luck, catch big fish.

Arathiel A chief angel of the first hour of the night.

Arauchia Angel Helps You with Betrayals & Lies.

Arbatel A "revealing" angel.

Archer A governing spirit of the sign Aquarius who shares this post with Ssakmakiel.

Archons(Rulers) Angels set over nations and identified or equated with aeons. Archons are primordial planetary spirits. Other archons are Uriel, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Shauil and Cassiel.

Ardarel An angel of fire.

Ardouisur A female cherub. Among her attributes are making females prolific and giving them easy childbirth, also supplying them with breast milk. She is sometimes called "the giver of living water".

Ardousius Traditional angelic lore tells us that this angel is a female angel who is believed to help and protect during childbirth and who also inspires breast milk to flow. Pray to her for nurturing love.

Arehanah Shows You Proper Path to a Great Life.

Arel An angel of fire. His name is inscribed on the seventh pentacle of the sun. He can also be invoked in ritual magic. Great Angel of Practicality & Common Sense.

Arella Hebrew: Angel, messenger.

Arial Angel leads human soul to eternity, heaven or hell.

Arias Angel of sweet smelling herbs.

Ariel/Ariella Hebrew: Lioness of God; air or water spirit (angel); ethereal. Great Angel of New Beginnings In Life.

Armisael An angel of the womb. In Talmud it is recommended that, to ease a confinement, one should recite Psalm 20 nine times, but if this does not prove effective, then one should try the following invocation; "I conjure you, Armisael, angel who governs the womb, that you help this woman and the child in her body."

Arzal One of the four angel's who are "glorious and benevolent angels" invoked when the invocant wishes to partake of the secret wisdom of the Creator.

Asaph Leader of the hosts of angels chanting evening hymns to God.

Asasiel Angel of Thursday, who shares his rule with Sachiel and Cassiel. Assasiel is also one of the presiding spirits of the planet Jupiter.

Ashriel One of the seven angels with dominion over the earth. He is the angel that separates the soul from the body at the time of death. He can also be invoked to cure stupidity.

Asron(Vow of God) Chief of the 63 angel-guardians of the seven heavens.

Assiel Angel of healing.

Ataphiel An angel who supports heaven with three fingers.

Atar The genius of fire.

Attaris The head of the sign of winter.

Atel An angel of the fourth heaven. Also an angel of the air ruling on the lord's day evoked from the East.

Athanatos A conjuring spirit of the planet Mercury. Name of the god used to discover hidden treasure and in the cabala, a spirit invoked on the general citations of Moses, Aaron and Solomon.

Attarib One of the four angels of winter and head of the sign of winter.

Atuesuel One of eight angels of omnipotence. He is invoked to "smoke out the monsters of hell."

Auel An angel of the sun.

Auphanim Teaches Magick/Ancient/Occult Ways.

Auphonim Angel of Wheels, Travel Safety, Sports.

Auriel(Light of God) One of 72 angels of 72 quinaries of degrees of the zodiac. Invoked in conjuration of the sword.

Ausiul An angel with dominion over Aquarius.

Ayib A spirit of the planet Venus who's name is inscribed on the fourth pentacle of that planet.

Aymelek Turkish: Moon angel.

Ayscher A ministering angel conjured up by cabalists in magical operations.

Azacachia Angel Defeats/Confuse All Enemies.

Azael(Whom God Strengthens) Mentioned as one of 2 angels, the other being Ouza(Aza) who came down from Heaven and was corrupted. Cohabited with Naamah, Lamech's daughter, and sired the sedim, Assyrian guardian spirits. Azael, it is reported, is chained in a desert where he will remain until the day of judgment. Cornelius Agrippa, in his Occult Philosophy, lists 4 evil angels as the opposites of the 4 holy rulers of the elements; among the evil ones Azael is included. Schwab in his Vocabulaire de l'Angelologie identifies Shamhazai (semyaza) with Azael (Aziel), guardian of hidden treasures.

Azariel An angel governing the waters of the earth.

Azbuga(h) One of the 8 great throne angels of judgment who clothes with the garment of righteousness those deemed worthy among the new arrivals in heaven.

Azer Angel of the element fire.

Azliel X An angel of invocation.

Azrael The Angel of Death who is "forever writing in a large book and forever erasing what he writes: what he writes is the birth of man, what he erases is the name of the man at death."

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