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The 7 Archangels


The names of the Archangels vary widely depending on which source or tradition you consult, but many are similar enough to make a workable cross-reference. I'll give a few below, but there are many others that you can use if these don't suit you for some reason.

Source: ENOCH I (Ethiopic Enoch) Earliest Reference to the 7

1. Uriel
2. Raphael
3. Raguel - Ruhiel, Ruagel, Ruahel
4. Michael
5. Zerachiel - Araqael
6. Gabriel
7. Remiel - Jeremiel, Jerahmeel


1. Mikael
2. Gabriel
3. Uriel
4. Sabrael
5. Arael
6. Iaoth
7. Adonael


1. Michael
2. Gabriel
3. Raphael
4. Uriel - Phanuel
5. Barachiel
6. Sealtiel
7. Jehudiel


1. Zaphkiel
2. Zadkiel
3. Camael
4. Raphael
5. Haniel
6. Michael
7. Gabriel


1. Raphael
2. Gabriel
3. Chamuel
4. Michael
5. Adabiel
6. Haniel
7. Zaphiel

Now, it is usually agreed that there are more Archangels than 7. For example, the 10 Archangels of the Holy Sefiroth and the 10 of the Unholy Sefiroth, but these are the 7 most commonly known.

Source: Mathers, The Kabbalah Unveiled, and Waite, The Holy Kabbalah.

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