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Shamballah - The Evolution of Myth

A Guide to the origin and meaning of the mystery of the archetype of human consciousness, variously spelt Shamballah, Shambhala, Sambhalah, Shambala, Sambala
Shrouded in the mists of Legend, Myth and Time are stories of idyllic places of Peace, Harmony and Magic, where Man lives at Peace - not only with Fellowman, but also with the world around him. 

Every culture has its stories - and there are not so amazing parallels in these Astral Creations - these thought forms produced by the Dreams of Hu-manity.


I could write about Avalon, Camelot, Lemuria, Shamballa .. different names according to the translation of the myth .. and probably one who is more versed in Ancient Mythology could refer me to other stories ..

not the least of which is the Biblical Story of Melchizadek and Salem .. and even to the modern day Jerusalem. [where Salem means nothing more than "City of Peace"]

Sambhala - The Evolution of a Myth

Shamballa is the stuff of legend and myth, the Shangri-la that humanity longs for in its collective consciousness. Many believe that it is a physical place hidden behind distant snow capped mountains north of the Himalayas, not far from the Gobi Desert, where inhabitants live in peace and harmony and enjoy long life and near physical perfection.

Shambhala is reputedly ruled by a line of enlightened kings who are said to be guarding the highest wisdom that humanity has managed to obtain. Legend has It, that Shamballa, along with the location of the place, has been hidden because we are so "wicked" , but that when humanity is ready a great king will come out of the sanctuary to defeat the forces of evil and establish a golden age.

Tibetans, including the present Dalai Lama note the huge number of teachings which have purportedly come out of Shambala and ask, 'how could the country be just a fantasy?'   

The famous Kalacakra teachings contain sermons given by the Buddha and include descriptions of the role Shamballa will play in the future, supposedly came out of Shamballa.

Everyone has different images of this Mythical Dream, each based on our own perceptions, beliefs and the conditioning which limit our knowledge and our imagination.

In popular "New Age" Esoteric Wisdom, Shamballah is the 'center where the will of God is known' (the planet's head center). Some say it is found in the Gobi Desert in etheric matter over the White Island.

For some, Shamballa is "The Heavenly Field" to be aspired to - the reward for a "Life_after_martyrdom_and_service".

For one who has read some of the Philosophy/Psychology of Buddhism and do not just rely on the New_Age_Esoterica of the Western Theosophy movement, it can be easily be seen how these hopes, dreams and perceptions evolved.

It is not only Christianity that refers to the "Three Manifestations" -- or the "Three Bodies", The Buddhist model refers to the three kayas -- Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, and Nirmanakaya - often referred to as the "Bodies of the Buddha".

Translation into (and the influence of) the Western Spiritualism hierarchy model has seen these portrayed as a linear progression, rather than something that is more like water with salt dissolved in it.

It can easily be seen how, from these roots, the popular terms Dharma, Shambala (there are about 5 different spellings of this that I have found so far), Nirvana have been derived as evolutionary terms to suit models of belief which "fit in" and are, perhaps, more acceptable to those who are brought up in the Western Religious Tradition.

The Dharmakaya is something that is always present; it is rediscovered rather than created anew. It is timeless and not limited by history. It is the "Energy of Life_it_self", the Fire that burns but does not burn itself - passive and indeterminate in nature

Dharmakaya however gives rise to the deterministic aspects of Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya. [ Here the metaphor is identical to the Taoist Philosophy ]

Sambhogakaya is always present. It is the "State_of_personal_consciousness" where one's mind is "tuned into" Dharmakaya and becomes the Expression_of_the_Wisdom_of_all_Life".

It is connected with the ability to communicate on all levels, both verbal and non verbal - and thus, associated with the "concept" of relating and relationships. This is the Common_Sense_of_our_cell-f beyond anything that the mind might want to think.

From this, it should be easy to see where the mythical dream of Shangri-la and Shamballah originates - the revelations from Man's unconscious that have been projected "out_there". 

It is only on the physical level that one can become transformed.

There are many variations of the spelling of this archetype of human consciousness including Shamballah, Shambhala, Sambhalah, Shambala, Sambala .. 

Nirmanakaya is the physical embodiment and expression of total realization of one's Common_Sense (to remove the mystical terminology. In "Nirmanakaya", the Realization of "Nirvana", one becomes the medium through which communication and relating can be carried out.

Shamballa is US_HERE_NOW ..the Magical expression of the open_mind and open_heart but, we are so busy looking with our linear minds for something "up_there" or "out_there", for Salvation from some male_or_female "Super_Natural_Being that we have forgotten that every time we do, that Parasite of our Fear destroys a little more of the Magic ..

Shamballa is the infinitude_of_who_we_are, the Magical_Natural_Being in our own Heart Intelligence.

"shambhala, Shangri-la, Nirvana, Shamballah, Shambhala, Sambhalah, Shambala, Sambala" was written, published and © by Transpersonal LifeStreams®, Tasmania, Australia. The URL's of this page are and

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