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Sites with Various Viewpoints (not Pre-Trib)

People with different understandings of the timing of the Rapture may still be orthodox. This issue should not be a test of fellowship between believers. You will find points of agreement and disagreement on these sites, but they are helpful to earnest students of prophecy. Remember to test everything against the whole counsel of the Word of God.

We will expand this section to include a number of sites which disagree with our Pre-Tribulation Rapture position. We will not knowingly include sites which accuse Pre-Trib teachers of being deceptive.

Prophecy should motivate us. It should never divide us.

The Preterist Viewpoint - Prophecies fulfilled in the First Century
The Preterist Archive
An excellent collection of articles from this point of view.
The Anti-Rapture Page
Pointed and brief.
The Historicist Viewpoint - Protestant view- Prophecy being fulfilled through centuries of tribulation, with the Roman Catholic Church being Antichrist.
Discovering History In The Apocalypse
A commentary of Revelation from the Historicist perspective.
Good introduction to this view which comes out of the Protestant reformation.
The Mid-Tribulation Viewpoint - Rapture at the middle of the Tribulation
Eschatology Today
Attractive and informative site with thought-provoking articles and links.
What Time It Is
Various articles about the timing of the Rapture and other aspects of the future. Various languages.
The Pre-Wrath Viewpoint - Rapture just before the end of The Tribulation
Blessed Hope Ministries
Toby Vance's site with articles, newsletter, and resources.
Christian Web Page
Messages on prophecy and evangelism by Evangelist Larry Wolfe.
Prophecy Countdown
Articles, Newsletter, and a Fictional Book by James T. Harman
Prophecy Truths
Maintained by Roy A. Reinhold, author of "The Day Of The Lord: Prophecy Revealed"
The End Times Information Center
Many interesting features on this site from Charles Loefke and others
The Saints Home Page
The Study of Bible Prophecy, Theology and the Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church.
The Sign Ministries
Includes information about Robert Van Kampen's book, "The Sign"
Solving The Puzzle of Revelation
An on-line commentary of Revelation by Pastor Ola Campbell.
Strong Tower Publishing
Publisher of Pre-Wrath materials, including "Before God's Wrath" by H.L. Nigro.
What is Pre-Wrath?
Zion's Hope
Marv Rosenthal's ministry
The Post-Tribulation Viewpoint - Rapture at the end of The Tribulation
The End-Times Christian
Last Trump Ministries, and information about Robert J. Logston's book, The Last-Days Blood Bath
Great Joy In Great Tribulation
Information about Jim Searcy's book and many interesting articles.
Last Days Mystery
The ministry of Richard Perry
Comparrisons of the various views of the timing of the Rapture.
The Postribulation Rapture
Includes a helpful chart to show difference between Pre-Trib and Post-Trib positions.
The Second Presence...
Maintained by Mike Gerolakkitis
Roman Catholic Viewpoint
Article from the Catholic Encyclopedia
The Bible and The Future
Excerpts from electronic book by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
The End Days
A Roman Catholic view of these last days.
The Keys of This Blood
The Struggle for World Dominion Between Pope John Paul II, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the Capitalist West
by Father Malachi Martin

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