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Prophecy Central

Please keep in mind that we can not endorse everything you find on these sites, but they are well worth your consideration.

Primary Prophecy Sites
Sites with Prophecy Sections
Sites with Prophecy Lists
Prophecy on Search Engines
Online Prophecy Commentaries
Online Prophecy Fiction
Commercial: Prophecy Books, Art, Charts, Music and and Multi-media
Commercial: Prophecy Movies
Prophecy Sermons, Lessons
Sites with Various Viewpoints (not Pre-Trib)
News Links and Resources
Other Special Links
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Additional links are found on many of our special topic pages.

Primary Prophecy Sites
Details on 100 Biblical prophecies, past and present

666 Watch
Articles and links about the Mark of the Beast
According To Prophecy Ministries
Evangelist Donald Perkin's site with information about Bible Conferences, and their radio and television ministries. Their message is to focus men and women on the Blessed Hope of Jesus Christ and His imminent return.
Amazing Bible
Thousands of pages of commentaries, helps, information, news and more about the Bible and about prophecy.
Apocalypse Soon
Prophecy information in various languages. So far English and Italian are supported, but among the other translations they plan to offer are French, German, and Spanish.
Atlantis Station
Good information and a variety of links
Bible Desk
Content-rich site for prophecy and general Bible study as well.
Bible Prophecy Resource Center
Commentaries, maps, charts, arts, and more.
Bible Prophecy Study
Lots of information on the pre-trib rapture and other helpful information.
Calvary Chapel of Jerusalem
See Pastor Bradley Antolovich's Weekly Newsletter - "This Week in Jerusalem"
Come and See
Interesting perspective from Lance Johnson, an optometrist who writes books on prophecy.
Terry L. Cook
Online books and articles by end-times technology expert.
Cutting Edge Ministries
This site is devoted to information about The New World Order. It contains over 100 transcripts from their popular radio program.
Lambert Dolphin's Resource Files
Dolphin's interests range from science and archaeology to Israel and prophecy. This is one of the most informative and most popular sites on the net!
Focus on Jerusalem
News and articles about Jerusalem, prophecy, and related issues.
FYI - Israel In the News
Posting of their weekly Email newsletter which focuses on current events as they relate to Israel.
The Gates
Website for Hatikva Ministries - Jewish feasts, The Temple, The Red Heifer
God's News Behind The News
Support site for Ray Brubaker's Television ministry
Grant R. Jeffrey Ministries
Books, videos, audio products, and intelligence background articles by this best-selling author.
Left Behind
The official site for the best-selling Left Behind series
Hal Lindsey Oracle
Features news, analysis and commentary by best-selling author and TV host, Hal Lindsey.
State of the Art Graphics and great content! This site, maintained by by Keith & Laurie Burgin, sets a high standard for excellence.
Hope For The World
Spotlights the ministry of author and speaker, Gary Kah.
Jack Van Impe Ministries
Browse through past issues of the Van Impe Intelligence Briefing and articles from the monthly magazine, Perhaps Today, hear and see multimedia clips, and order materials from this prolific writer and television commentator.
Koenig's Watch
News and articles of prophetic interest
Koinonia House
Find a wealth of useful information from Chuck Missler. His unique approach and insights make him one of the most popular teachers of our time. The new website includes audio files. Selected articles from Personal Update, read by 100,000 subscribers, are also available.
Jack Kinsella
Notes and commentary from the author of Is This The Eternal Generation?
Tim LaHaye Ministries
Info about Left Behind, The Pre-Trib Research Center and other prophecy topics
Tim LaHaye School of Prophecy
Lamb and Lion Ministries
Helpful articles about various aspects of prophecy and links to other sites.
Zola Levitt
Browse through current and back issues of the Levitt Letter for valuable insights from one of the most respected prophecy teachers.
David Allen Lewis Ministries
Newsletters, current news, resources and other helpful information from this very popular writer and speaker.
Midnight Call
Edited by Arno Froese, this site provides information from their excellent magazine as well as plans for upcoming conferences and trips to Israel.
Midnight Cry Ministries
Find helpful information from back issues of their "Midnight Cry Messenger."
Pre-Trib Perspectives
Part of According To Prophecy Site featuring the work of Tommy Ice
Prophecy and Current Events
Helpful information from "To His Glory Ministries."
The Prophecy Center
News, articles, and special features about prophecy
A World of Information about Biblical Prophecy. (Our own site, in case you came to this page directly.)
Prophecy In The News
J.R. Church's impressive contribution to the field..
Prophecy News Page
...watching the signs that herald the Lord's Second Coming
Prophecy Today
Ministry of Jimmy DeYoung and the Day of Discovery television program.
Prophecy Update
Valuable links to news events by prophecy categories. Articles, commentaries and more.
Prophecy Update and Bible Study
Attractive format- various aspects of prophecy
Prophetic Witness Movement International
Solid Premillennial articles and info about their monthly magazine, Your Tomorrow
Rapture News
Good current summaries of relevant news and commentaries from Eric Heacock.
Rapture Ready
This is Todd Strandberg's popular site which keeps track of current events as they relate to the Rapture. It includes "Nearing Midnight" and "Rapture Index." These pages are always up to date.
Temple Mount
Outstanding pictures and articles about the past, present, and future of the Temple. This site highlights scientific and archaeological research about the location of the First and Second Jewish Temples, and explores various possibilities about the location of the coming Temple. Maps are also included.
Good information and a variety of links
Trumpet Sounds
Good source of articles and links from Bob Westbrook, prophecy editor.
Van Impe
Browse through past issues of the Van Impe Intelligence Briefing and articles from the monthly magazine, Perhaps Today, hear and see multimedia clips, and order materials from this prolific writer and television commentator.
Week End News Today
Discussion forums related to prophecy.
WHOA! What Does Your Future Look Like?
Prophecy: Fact or Fiction? A practical, straight-forward explanation of future events, featuring the teaching of several excellent Bible scholars.
World and Church Trends In ThePropheticYears
This site includes Don Koenig's commentary on Revelation and articles related to prophetic world trends.
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Sites with Prophecy Sections

Ankerberg Theological Research Institute
This is a list of prophecy study resources available from John Ankerberg's organization. From here you may also check out their latest article on "Current Events."
Ariel Ministries
You can find Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum's helpful materials here.
Berean Call, The
Dave Hunt is editor of this site.
Biblical Prophecy Archives
Good articles- from the Harbor Club
Biblical Studies Foundation
Dedicated to putting quality biblical research and study materials on-line.
Bridges for Peace
A Christian organization in Israel which provides help to immigrants and a message of hope for God's chosen people.
Calvary Baptist
Helpful articles trace the chronology of the Tribulation. the Millennium
Judy Gregerson's interesting site

Deception One World Religion
A well-illustrated page about New Age Religion in the light of prophecy.
Digital Berean
Good Bible study site. Includes a section on the Millennium and Pre-Trib articles
God Code Prophecy Page 1998
Includes a free downloadable program you can use.
Hebraic Heritage Ministries
Shows Old Testament roots of Christianity and prophetic implication of Jewish festivals and observances.
Hope For Today
David Hocking's radio Bible teaching ministry and link to CD-ROM on Revelation
Institute of Theological Studies
Correspondence courses, articles, and more from Dr. Himie M. Pickett
International Christian Network Cyberspace
See their sections called "Revelation File News Service" - Wally Wood
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
This group is helping to fulfill the prophecies of Jeremiah 16:14-15 by successfully raising awareness and financial support among Christians for the emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel. See their section called "On Wings of Eagles."
A general Christian start page with good prophecy information too!
Modern Christian Ministries
See the section called "Turning Point."
Nancy's Page
A good example of personal interest in prophecy and evangelism.
Northrup's Biblical Nuggets
Bible Study aids from Bernard E. Northrup Th.D
Not finished yet, but an attractive format for End Times information.
Theological Essays
Excellent articles by David Williams pertaining to eschatology and holiness.
The American Research Institute
Products and information about the new world order.
The Pattern and The Prophecy
Information about a book by James Harrison
The Promise of Glory
Helpful news notes of prophetic importance in their Intelligence Briefing section.
Transition Research
Good article from Wally Wood, and links to news sources.
The Y Files
Prophecy articles mixed with other topics of interest.
Yes Lord Ministries
Downloadable Bible Study lessons from the Book of Revelation
Voice of Prophecy
Radio messages - occasionally relate to prophecy.
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Sites With Prophecy Lists

777 Net 777 Net
Enter "prophecy" in their search field.
Armageddon Books
Their list is conveniently broken into categories
Best of The Christian Web
See their prophecy category. They also have reviews on certain prophecy pages.
From here you can subscribe to their Email List on the subject of prophecy.
Bible Prophecy Research
Online books and other media are reviewed and recommended to further enhance prophecy study in the Word of God.
Christian Bookmarks
This is a very helpful list of excellent sites.
Christian Connections/Christian Resources
A thorough list of Christian resources with a special section on prophecy.
Christian Topics
Check Eschatology and Prophecy categories.
Christianity.Net Search
Enter "prophecy" in their search field.
Cool Sites To Visit
Scroll down to the section called "Christian and Biblical Prophecy"
Choose the Prophecy category or enter "prophecy" in their search field.
END -(E)chatology (N)ext (D)oor
A long list of prophecy sites without comments.
Fish Net Fish Net
Enter "prophecy" in their search field.
Fishermen's Net
A good list of Bible Prophecy Resources
Graham's Christian Links
Good prophecy sites included, "each with its own jar of anointing oil."
Internet For Christians
This outstanding service provides reviews on all types of Christian sites. To find prophecy sites, use their search function.
Notes on Revelation
edited by Moza - Includes articles and books online.
Incluldes online prophecy books
Prophecy On The Web
Larry Pahl's extensive list with notes. Includes various points of view.
Rob's Christian Sites - Prophecy
Their mission is to provide an index of the best Christian web sites available.
Rick Adkin's End Time Links
Several categories from which to choose. Many links.
The Bible Prophecy Page
Unique rating system showing what to expect before going to the various sites listed.
The Ultimate Deception- Links
This is a good, long list!
Web Watchers On The Wall
Over 70 color-coded sites. Includes radio and TV schedules, seminars and conferences listed by sections of the country.
World Wide Web Yellow Pages
Enter "prophecy" in their search field.
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Prophecy on Search Engines

For the word prophecy, you can usually find PROPHECY CENTRAL (or our "About Prophecy" Links section) on the first page of these search engines:
All The Web
Alta Vista
Ask Jeves
Direct Hit - See Teoma
Hot Bot
Ixquick Metasearch
Monstercrawler MetaSearch
Worthy Links
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Prophecy Books and Commentaries Online

After Armageddon
This is an on-line book by John A. Sarkett about the Millennial Kingdom and the New Heavens and Earth.
The Antichrist And A Cup of Tea
About the posibility that Prince Charles is Antichrist - Partial book is online. The printed book may be ordered. Babylon The Great Is Falling - Jack D. Hook
Lance Johnson's Books (Come and See Ministries)
The Two Witnesses
Johnson's primary book (400+ pages) on Bible prophecy.
What Is Saving Faith? & Beyond Salvation
An extensive study on the meaning of Christian salvation.
Images From God's Darkroom
A commentary on the fascinating allegorical, prophetic pictures found in John 11 and Acts 27
Revelation Notes
Our annotated outline of Revelation with hyperlinks to various sections of Prophecy Central and other resources
Temple, The - Its Ministry and Services
as they were at the time of Christ by Alfred Eidersheim
Two Babylons, The
Alexander Hislop's Classic book
Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done... (The Prayer Offered Most Often Is About To Be Answered)
Lambert Dolphin and Ron Graff's new book online. Free download also available.
Ultimate Deception, The
Frank L. Caw's book, which suggests Antichrist will come from Lebannon
Witness of the Stars, The
by E.W. Bullinger

Online Prophecy Fiction

As In The Days
On-line novel by E.L. Coghlan. In one small town,demons and angels, believers and satanists face off for an intriguing endtimes adventure.
The Registration
Fictional Story about the Rapture, The Tribulation, and The Mark of The Beast - with Hypertext references
Stalking The Babylonian Harlot
J. D. Kallmyer's Prophecy page
The Coming Spiritual Earthquake
Written from a Pre-Wrath perspective
Understanding The Book of Daniel
Illustrated, fictionalized account of Daniel's prophecies
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Commercial: Prophecy Books, Art, Charts, Music and and Multi-media

Armageddon Books
Huge selection of prophecy books which may be ordered online.
The Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy
Ordering information for Ted Kresge's 1290 page work.
Flying Horse Gallery
The paintings of D.J. Sutherlin, including Prophecy Room
Holyland Journey
Bible codes software, music from the Holy Land, and other audio-visual aids.
Hope For Today
Information about David Hocking's CD-ROMs on Revelation and Daniel.
Left Behind
Books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins -- includes information about related products, such as audio tapes, children's books, and music CD project. Information about the upcoming movie and future books.
See also:Left Behind: The Movie
Mt. of Olives Prophecy Art and Song Gallery
A blend of music and art
Prophecy In Music
Our section on music about prophetic themes
Revelation Production
Beautiful artwork illustrating the Book of Revelation
When The Sky Is Red
By Burl Ratzsch - Evangelical teacher, pastor and speaker.

Commercial: Prophecy Movies

Left Behind
The movie based on Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkin's runaway bestseller
The film project - Theater release Feb. 2, 2001.
Info from Jack Van Impe
Review and Links from Prophecy Central
Apocalypse Series - Cloud Ten
Apocalypse II - Revelation
Apocalypse III - Tribulation
Apocalpyse IV - Judgment
Others from JVIM

Prophecy Lessons and Sermons

"Christ Permits Antichrist to Emerge"
Exposition of Revelation 13 by Pastor Dale Johnsen
Daniel Prophecy Study
Twenty-seven studies on the Book of Daniel (Allen Roy)
Snapshots of Revelation
Interactive lessons on the Book of Revelation (Allen Roy)
Technology:Preparing For The Mark
Ron Graff - 1997 International Prophecy Conference, Sept. 20, 1997
The Book Of The Revelation
Ray Stedman's series of 23 classic messages on the Book of Revelation
The New World Order and New World Religion
Pastor Ron Graff- Alta Loma Brethren In Christ Church 1997
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Sites with Various Viewpoints (not Pre-Trib)

People with different understandings of the timing of the Rapture may still be orthodox. This issue should not be a test of fellowship between believers. You will find points of agreement and disagreement on these sites, but they are helpful to earnest students of prophecy. Remember to test everything against the whole counsel of the Word of God.

We will expand this section to include a number of sites which disagree with our Pre-Tribulation Rapture position. We will not knowingly include sites which accuse Pre-Trib teachers of being deceptive.

Prophecy should motivate us. It should never divide us.

The Preterist Viewpoint - Prophecies fulfilled in the First Century
The Preterist Archive
An excellent collection of articles from this point of view.
The Anti-Rapture Page
Pointed and brief.
The Historicist Viewpoint - Protestant view- Prophecy being fulfilled through centuries of tribulation, with the Roman Catholic Church being Antichrist.
Discovering History In The Apocalypse
A commentary of Revelation from the Historicist perspective.
Good introduction to this view which comes out of the Protestant reformation.
The Mid-Tribulation Viewpoint - Rapture at the middle of the Tribulation
Eschatology Today
Attractive and informative site with thought-provoking articles and links.
What Time It Is
Various articles about the timing of the Rapture and other aspects of the future. Various languages.
The Pre-Wrath Viewpoint - Rapture just before the end of The Tribulation
Blessed Hope Ministries
Toby Vance's site with articles, newsletter, and resources.
Christian Web Page
Messages on prophecy and evangelism by Evangelist Larry Wolfe.
Prophecy Countdown
Articles, Newsletter, and a Fictional Book by James T. Harman
Prophecy Truths
Maintained by Roy A. Reinhold, author of "The Day Of The Lord: Prophecy Revealed"
The End Times Information Center
Many interesting features on this site from Charles Loefke and others
The Saints Home Page
The Study of Bible Prophecy, Theology and the Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church.
The Sign Ministries
Includes information about Robert Van Kampen's book, "The Sign"
Solving The Puzzle of Revelation
An on-line commentary of Revelation by Pastor Ola Campbell.
Strong Tower Publishing
Publisher of Pre-Wrath materials, including "Before God's Wrath" by H.L. Nigro.
What is Pre-Wrath?
Zion's Hope
Marv Rosenthal's ministry
The Post-Tribulation Viewpoint - Rapture at the end of The Tribulation
The End-Times Christian
Last Trump Ministries, and information about Robert J. Logston's book, The Last-Days Blood Bath
Great Joy In Great Tribulation
Information about Jim Searcy's book and many interesting articles.
Last Days Mystery
The ministry of Richard Perry
Comparrisons of the various views of the timing of the Rapture.
The Postribulation Rapture
Includes a helpful chart to show difference between Pre-Trib and Post-Trib positions.
The Second Presence...
Maintained by Mike Gerolakkitis
Roman Catholic Viewpoint
Article from the Catholic Encyclopedia
The Bible and The Future
Excerpts from electronic book by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
The End Days
A Roman Catholic view of these last days.
The Keys of This Blood
The Struggle for World Dominion Between Pope John Paul II, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the Capitalist West
by Father Malachi Martin
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Other Favorites

Solid Ground Church
Our Christian Family
Solid Ground Links
Special Church Links
The Blue Letter Bible
Powerful on-line study Bible with Greek, Hebrew, Commentaries, and more!

Special Friends and Associates
(In addition to many good friends listed above in the prophecy lists)
Bob Ayala
Anointed musician and songwriter, pioneer in contemporary Christian music, and co-laborer in planting a church in the '70s
Lambert Dolphin
Retired physicist from Stanford, host of one of the most popular and informative sites on the Internet, and co-author of our online prophecy book, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done
Steve Graves - 21st Century Innovations, Inc.
Developer of world-class software and original host for the Prophecy Central site.
Crystal Lewis
Winner of Dove Award for Female Vocalist of the Year, blessed our church with several outstanding concerts in the '90s
Josh McDowell - Josh McDowell Ministries
Preeminent apologist, fabulous influence on youth and young adults, friend and classmate from our days at Talbot Theological Seminary
Danielle Price
Outstanding young recording artist from our church
Darrell Ward
Senior pastor of South Coast Christian Assembly, and co-host of two outstanding tours to Israel

Special Resources
See News Links and Resources
Christian Artists Community Forums - From traditional artists to computer artists,... a forum for everyone.
Internet For Christians
Outstanding site and newsletter about worthwhile Christian websites.
Metro 1
Recording company of Brian Ray and Crystal Lewis
Not Just Bibles
An extensive guide to Christian Resources on The Internet
Peggie's Place
Something for everyone here from one of the pioneers of the Christian Internet
The Pony Espresso
A ministry of Walnut Valley Brethren In Christ Church

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