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Useful links/resources for educators

National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT)
NABT's current "Position Statement On Teaching Evolution" is presented.
This PBS site provides supplemental material to each of the seven episodes of the Evolution television series (9/01). Also available are video, web activities, lab activities, and teaching resources related to evolution.
Triumph of Life
This PBS site is based on the six-part miniseries Triumph of Life (1/01) presented as part of the Nature series. The series describes the history of life on Earth and the best scientifically understood mechanisms for its current diversity. An evolutionary timeline and other web-based instructional resources are provided. A teacher’s guide in PDF format is available for download.
Contact, the movie
If you have the DVD version of the movie Contact available, then you may wish to view the specific scenes (Scenes #11 "A signal" to #13 "Message in German") described by Dr. Dembski before discussing his views with your class.
Understanding Evolution
Contains an extensive section especially for teachers, giving advice on teaching evolution, lesson plans, ways to avoid confusing students, and answering common student questions. From the University of California Museum of Paleontology and the National Center for Science Education. original lesson
This lesson has been written by a science educator to specifically accompany the material provided on the Intelligent Design main page. It includes report content and extension questions, as well as activity handouts for different grade levels.

Lesson Title: Our Universe: Designed or Evolved?
Levels: high school - undergraduate
Summary: This lesson investigates and compares two views –- Intelligent Design and Evolution. Student teams analyze and discuss viewpoints as paired in the online report, e.g., Behe and Miller. They can also evaluate web sites, create their own web page, speculate on complex biological systems… and more!
Download/view lesson, click icon:

(To open the lesson's PDF file, you need
Adobe Acrobat Reader free software.)

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